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Climate Change And Agriculture Essay

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Recently, there was a news about multiple farmers’ suicide in Southern part of India as a result of annual crop failure. In areas like southern India, these incidences are quite relevant as the climate there is always dry and arid. But it gets shocking when crops deteriorates some other developed nations. The rate of crop failure is increasing and is becoming more relevant everywhere. Agriculture failure is affecting almost all agrarian areas. No other factors contribute more to this catastrophe than the climate change, also known as global warming. The elevation in the Earth’s average temperature as a result of burning fossil fuels and other natural or human activities produces carbon ...view middle of the document...

For any crops, the effect of increasing temperature rely on the crop’s favorable temperature for growth and reproduction. The fast changing climate also prevents long-term crops from adapting to the particular environment.
Increasing temperature will also increase the reaction rate among the crops. Warmer temperature means the crops will lose it moisture in faster rate. The higher the temperature, the faster the reaction. The water it absorbed from the roots will evaporate into the atmosphere before it starts the process of photosynthesis. Some will limp as it cannot cope with the heat stress. The effects of heat on the chlorophyll injures the crop’s ability of photosynthesizing and prevents it from reproducing. If the plants fail to photosynthesis, it will eventually die.
Another major consequence of climate change is the emergence of random events like extreme rainfall and severe drought. Over some years, the precipitation rate has become very limited, but impactful once it occurs. Rising temperature helps in evaporating more water causing more rainfall. The melting of glaciers and ice also increases the sea levels. These results directly in events like floods and mudslides. Flooding during farming season causes crop losses due to the low quality of soil and the lack of oxygen present in it. In 1995, half of the Balboa Island, Bangladesh, became permanently flooded, leaving 500,000 people, mostly farmers, as the first climate refugees (World Future Council).
Extreme rainfall can also reduce the quality of many crops during harvesting time. Storms accompanied by heavy rain and wind can destroy the harvested crops. The erosion of soil will also make it lose its original fertile value once...

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