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Climate Change And Sustainable Development Essay

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In this essay I am going to discuss the climate change with the concept of sustainable development, meaning that I am approaching climate change with an economical way and I am going to solve the climate change problem with the new growth theory. I state that climate change is an anthropogenic phenomenon and that the natural economical behavior will in some point solve the climate change problem with creative destruction and with the new technology. This statement is approaching the utopian world but I think that it is still possible, because the human brain capacity is enormous and sufficient to solve this problem. However, are we having enough leadership to go through this process?
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The refuting of opposition is very easy because 97% of specialist claims that climate change is a real thing and very dangerous if the human behavior does not change.
The solution for climate change problem is the sustainable development and technology. Human behavior is a rational and almost always selfish, which lead to a predictable behavior. The new growth theory argues that the technology is the key to overcome climate change and get a healthy environment to live in. In addition, the new growth theory claims that education and private property right are compulsory factors to maintain a sustainable economic growth. When people are well educated and there are a lot of people, there are also a lot of genius who, are willingly to invent new technology to replace the old one. This is called creative destruction, which is a normal and right way to achieve a sustainable economic growth. Although, some Malthusian people do not accept this theory and argues that the population growth is bad for economy and environment. Malthus was an economist in late 1700s and he stated that population growing will cause bad things for environment and that the food will run out in the world. Malthus was proved to be wrong and the food supplies actually increased faster than...

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