Climate Change: Health Challenges And Preparedness In Developing Countries

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Developing nation’s slippery wrestling with many health problems for many years, it is very clear that good health is relating to long live. In the developing – countries have a lot of issues such as lack of clean drinking water, inadequate, poor quality of food and disease are the challenges facing developing countries.The present of these problem hampering health system in both Africa and Asia content. Therefore, the point of my argument here is to access acutely the health system either improved to right description or not, “indeed I believe” in this situation of rising health problem in both children ...view middle of the document...

WHO, (2010)
Developing nations are known in militarism which displaces people and effect the environment which offer impartial needs to rural and other inaccessible population in far areas; this have become a great concern.
“The challenge and responsibilities of reducing risk as much in order to achieve long and healthily life, is a shared by individuals, whole population and their governments. In order to protect people-and help them and protect themselves –government need to be able to access accurately how great the risks are”. (WHO, 2002)
Health problems are rising day by day in Africa, in this case the important concern is education; is much more needed in solving the health cases. Education can simply change problems through increasing literacy rate.Articles, adjective, verb of agreement and adverb

A strategic approach to promoted Health discussion and eventually, agreement on health policies or administration procedures that may be practices by a given organization or its key stakeholders and intended audiences. (Renata Schiavo, 2007, P 123).
Obviously, the majority of the population are not well informed of their sole healthcare needs in the present health system. In the absent of good Infrastructures such roads and health care centers miserly contributed to poor health to rural and isolated population. As a result they have become most target to current vector diseases.Punctuation within a clause
Economy and government policies have a great roles in upgrade health system of these countries. Advance health equipment’s are not improving &enough in Africa. Evaluation and communication for effectiveness of good health system can help practitioners to meet all these problem with generation to generation to bring good outstanding to their therapeutic application and eventually improved health outcome for these population who have no access to health among Africa and Asia (Renata Schiavo, 2007, P 176).
In addition non- communicable diseases have been wrestling with Africa’s population for long decades.Consequently transmissible diseases will remain a bigger health problem particularly in Africa. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and tuberculosis (TB) are common. Other long-lasting diseases such cancer, Hypertension, diabetes and other respiratory problems are still weighting and highly growing daily. The present of these diseases is influence by too used of hard drink and tobacco, poor dietary and inadequate of food also contributed to increase...


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