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Climate Change In Developing Countries And Water Resource Class Journal

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Logical Fallacies

1. “‘Irish writers are more interested in those epiphanic moments of truth where ‘human nature is revealed in an instant’ rather than over time. . . . Thus the Irish are temperamentally suited to the short story form, which is all about ‘revelation of character and, very frequently, to an implied revelation of what is known as the Irish character.’” (TLS Nov. 12, 2010)

2. Managers at Morton Thiokol, the manufacturer of rocket boosters for the Challenger space shuttle, refused to grant additional funding for the development of the O-ring seal. They also intimidated engineers who sought to express their concerns concerning the O-ring seal. Therefore bad management was one of the causes of the explosion of the Challenger.

3. Children educated in areas where families have a low average income achieve lower scores on standardized tests than children educated in areas where the average income is higher. Therefore poverty must be considered one of the causes of poor performance in school.

4. The humanities faculties tend to embrace the idea that human characteristics such as race and gender are “constructed” through cultural processes. This means that scholars of English literature, history and philosophy are all fond of the idea of the social construction of such characteristics.

5. Hydrogen and oxygen are usually encountered in gas form; therefore, H20 must also be usually encountered in gas form.

6. Change in the sciences does not occur gradually. It occurs quickly through striking intuitive reinterpretations of existing data. Consequently, such change, which Thomas Kuhn labels a “paradigm shift,” can happen very suddenly.

7. “’The planet . . . is sick. . . . Curing the patient is a matter of urgency and is going to be expensive . . . . I am convinced, and I have come here to tell you, that anyone who wishes to help with the therapy, to be a part of the process and invest in it, is going to make very large sums of money, staggering sums. What’s at issue is the creation of another industrial revolution. Here is your opportunity.’” (Ian McEwan)

8. The current government argues that marijuana should be made easily available to everyone. Their plans to legalize marijuana must therefore be stopped. [Note that the...

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1670 words - 7 pages .” [ii] Ibid. [iii] Ibid. [iv] Moreno, Stanley H. “Impact of Development on the Panama Canal Environment” Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs 35:3 (1993): 129-149. [v] Fonseca, Gustavo A.B. “No Forest Left Behind.” PLOS Biology. 08/14/2007. [vi] Laurance, W. and Bruce G. Williamson. “Positive Feedbacks among Forest Fragmentation, Drought, and Climate Change in Amazonia.” Conservation Biology 15:6 (2001

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