Climate Change Is A Minor Threat

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Predicting climate change is less accurate than firing a pistol at long range. The fact is, finding a forecast of our future is just as difficult as explaining the meaning of life. I mean, how can we predict the future climate when meteorologists can’t even predict today’s weather? Scientists have only been keeping exact records of the earth’s surface temperature for only just over a hundred years.# Before accurate readings of the earth had been taken, scientists have only viewed charts and graphs of recent years. Patterns have been formed from these short-term graphs. But how can scientists be sure that their trend is true? What proof do we have anyway?
The media-crazed threat of global warming has made this topic a very popular and, according to the media, a very serious global issue too. I’m not going to deny Global Warming, but I feel that as humans, we have only contributed very little to the emission of greenhouse gases, etc. Global Warming is a natural phenomenon, and should be dealt with accordingly: A coat when it’s cold, a t-shirt when it’s warm.

The biggest mistake made about Global Warming is the rise in sea-level. Most supporters truly believe that if exhaust fumes are not heavily reduced, the glaciers will melt, the sea will rise, and the world will drown. First of all, the sea has been rising for centuries, long before primates even entered the human state. The rise has been steady for over 18,000 years (in that time, the sea rose 400 feet). Now, the sea continues to rise steadily at eight-inches a century.#

To verify against the melting of certain glaciers in the Arctic and in Greenland, reports show that the warmest years in the Arctic were around the 1940’s. At that time the temperature dropped, only to rise up again to the present.# This number, however, is still lower than the average temperature in the 1940’s.
Another study shows that, in fact, Antarctica, a...

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