'climate Change Is A Terrible Problem... It Deserves To Be A Huge Priority' Bill Gates

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Adeen1RamiahAdeenProfessor: AqilaZamanSS-100 Sec:331 October 2014 Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority. - Bill Gates"The long and short of it is that the temperature of the atmosphere is a degree (F) warmer than it was a hundred years ago, and the ocean is a foot higher" (Plotkin). What's the considerable issue if there is no argument between the learned and impartial scientists that climate change is taking place? The real problem lies with the government, huge corporations and the public who is still uncertain on how to respond to these changes. It is always hard for them to differentiate the reality from fantasy. In pursuit of their own interests, humans have been using corrupt tactics to alter the natural cycle of events. Although economy and health are the major points in question for public; climate change deserves to be a significant preference due to its geographical, biological and economic impacts.To start with, the geographical effects of climate change include global warming, landscape change and rise in sea levels. Heat-trapping (green-house) gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and oxides of nitrogen; discharged by power machinery, automobiles and other sources are heating up the planet. "Most of this warming has occurred since the 1970s, with the twenty warmest years having occurred since 1981 and with all ten of the warmest years occurring in the past twelve years" (Peterson et. Al. 9:8). Higher temperatures heat up ocean bodies which is causing vigorous storms and whitening of corals. Alteration in temperatures is leading to floral translocations and preservation threats. Moreover, changing sequences of precipitation are causing vegetation around the world to progress towards freezing areas and ascend the snowy altitudes. Decrease in snow cover andshrink of ice sheets has also been reported, primarily due to the melting of glacial ice. "Satellite observations reveal that the amount of spring snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has decreased over the past five decades and that the snow is melting earlier" (Derksen et. Al.). Also, rise in sea levels, coupled with the overflows caused due to liquefaction of glaciers could uproot millions of human beings. Rising seas endanger to flood low-lying regions and islands, threaten heavy marginal communities and deteriorate coastlines. Hence, climate change is mysteriously altering the complete geographical arrangement of Earth. This might lead to the so-called end of the world!Secondly, it is the biological effects of climate change that make it a greater concern than other prevailing issues. As climate gets hotter, the risk of heat-related ailments and even casualties for the most susceptible human population rises. The 100-degree-days figure by USGCRP (2009) predicts that climate change will lead to more persistent, harsher and longer heat waves. Thomas R. Karl, the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

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'climate Change Is Aterrible Problem... It Deserves To Be Huge Priority.' Bill Gates

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