Climate Change: Overstated And Misunderstood Essay

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Ever since the advent of weather observation and prediction technology in the past 150 years, science has created a consensus that the earth is getting warmer, and that human influence is to blame. Some even blame this change, known as global warming, for bouts of extreme weather including cyclonic storms, droughts, wildfires, and heat waves. These scientists (and much of the public) believe that our influence is the problem, as our emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, the product of the usage of our fuels, are polluting the atmosphere and trapping energy from the sun within. However, a minority group, scientists and public skeptics alike, believe this warming trend is ...view middle of the document...

For instance, the fact that much of the observed warming in the last hundred years occurred at night, and future warming models show warming day and night (McNider and Christy). These discrepancies seem to be some of the things boosting fears of global warming, and people need to realize this.
The statistics that indicate warming are created by computer models mostly built by scientists who believe in the climate change, so these forecasts by these models are highly subject to several assumptions and engineering needed to make the necessary calculations, like water vapor absorption, and absorption by the oceans (McNider and Christy). Therefore, much of what we see as cold, hard “statistics” are skewed data of research open to bias, and opinionation. The researchers obviously try to prove what they want you to believe. And this is proven to be true, as skeptics note that ever since the beginning of climate modeling, most of these predictions have overstated how much the earth will warm compared with what we actually see afterward in the climate. For instance, in 1994 it was discovered that the real global temperature trend was one fourth of the magnitude of the climate model predictions, and many note that this disparity still continues (McNider and Christy).
Activists like to point out much of what is considered indirect evidence of warming, such as glacial melting, coral bleaching, and more frequent weather catastrophes (McNider and Christy). However, observations show that warming is not actually occurring at an awful rate. Actual numbers of the temperatures in the deep atmosphere indicate a change of 0.7 degrees celsius per century, which is one third of what the predictions indicated (McNider and Christy). This is an example of skewed statistics that cause hype. Many activists cite as evidence that we are consistently seeing more changes because of the weather being warmer. This includes the seasons becoming more extreme, increases in extreme weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes, like Superstorm Sandy (Smith). The thing is, these storms are likely coincidental, as these catastrophic storms have happened all throughout recorded history. “A study published by the PRoceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in early July found that the number of cyclones is likely to increase globally by the end of the century, in addition to intensifying” (Spotts). As a result, these claims seem to be unscientific and hyperbolic. Certain experts say that climate change had nothing to do with that storm, nor had attributed to any other weather disasters; and as an example, since hurricane Katrina in 2005, it was forecasted that these super-hurricanes and stronger storms were going to become more and more common, however, the Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index for the global has decreased to its lowest in over 30 years (Bastardi).
Other weather events that activists commonly point out include increased heat waves, and devastating droughts....

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