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The Unites States of America is currently working to combat climate change in order to protect people from its effects. By combatting climate change, the USA hopes to prevent its effects from becoming worse in the future because the USA cares for its citizens and doesn’t want them to keep experiencing the consequences of climate change. The USA is putting great effort into dealing with climate change and also hopes that other businesses, organization, and individuals will join them in their effort (Environmental News Service). One concern the USA has towards climate change is its cause of natural disasters. Climate change is bringing more natural disasters by making weather patterns ...view middle of the document...

The first UN theme that should be addresses in the conference is mitigation. Mitigation is the reduction of climate change and making it less harmful. This is done by reducing emissions because as emissions are reduced, greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are reduced and climate change, in turn, is reduced or made less harmful (United Nations). It’s important for the USA to work on this theme because with the USA being a very rich, developed, and industrialized country (Central Intelligence Agency), it has one of the highest emissions in the world both in total and per capita and this means it contributes highly to climate change (The Guardian). For example, one way the USA emits a great amount of carbon dioxide is by the production of energy. Power plants are the USA’s main source of greenhouse gas emissions (Environmental News Service) because the USA consumes coal and other fossil fuels as a large source of their energy (The Guardian). The USA realizes that about power plants, and the USA plans to work on reducing that source of emissions to help reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Another example on how the USA emits a large amount of greenhouse gases is through vehicles and factories. Vehicles are widely used for transportation and factories are used for manufacturing which put together results in a large source of carbon dioxide emissions. Vehicles and factories alone have released 5.38 billion tons of carbon dioxide in 2013 (The Guardian). The USA has a public transportation system, and its use is increasing which is helping to reduce the USA’s emissions from cars. Additionally, the USA is looking to increase fuel efficiency which will also help reduce emissions from cars. With both an increase in public transportation and fuel efficiency, this will, sequentially, help mitigate climate change. The conference should proceed with this issue by sharing what some countries have done and are planning to do to reduce their emissions and mitigate climate change. The conference should also share ideas on how some countries can further decrease their emissions and what they should do to achieve this goal.

The second UN that should be addressed in the conference is technology. This theme is about switching to environmentally friendly technology and sources of energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This theme is important for the USA because this country contains a great deal of technology due to its rich economy. The USA contains advanced technology such as medical and military equipment and also computers (Central Intelligence Agency). The USA is also a large provider of entertainment through technology such as films and music (British Broadcasting Corporation), so with all this technology, it’s important for the USA to use environmentally friendly technology and energy sources to ensure that it can have as little carbon emissions as possible by all of this technology. One example of a...

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