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Climate Change: We Need A Carbon Tax

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One of the most compelling and difficult environmental problems society is facing today is climate change. People do not realize how much the environment has changed for the worse in the last ten years, until they are told that the last two decades of the 20th century have been the hottest in the last 400 years, according to climate studies (Conserve Energy Future). Today the carbon dioxide levels have reached 396.81 parts per million (ppm). “Carbon dioxide (CO2) has also increased over the last 100 years-- from about 300 ppm to 370 ppm. Interestingly, the majority of these additions have occurred in the last 50 years, when temperature increases have been slowest” (geocraft). There are no known solutions yet to reverse these effects in the environment, however there are many things people can do to prevent it from increasing. By implementing a carbon tax the government can tax corporations on how much carbon they emit into the atmosphere. With the extra money from the tax, scientist can invest in alternative ways to reduce how much carbon is emitted. Reducing climate change is going to take years and so nothing is going to get fixed anytime soon, but meanwhile we can use that extra money to begin cleaning up the atmosphere. There are many ways to explain climate change, some say its due to the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, others say it is the burning of the fossils fuels, some even say it’s the greenhouse gases. All of these sayings mean the exact same thing, no matter how one says it. I believe there are more convenient ways to solve climate change; and if the government would to implement a carbon tax on companies they will then be forced to re-evaluate all the carbon they emit to the environment and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases, which will lessen their impact on the environment. Another solution that is not as effective but can still work, which is by switching to alternative fuel sources which will reduce greenhouse gases.
If the climate continues to change how it has been for the last 60 years then, sea levels will continue to rise, which can causes hurricanes to happen more frequent. Animals have to move further north because they cannot find cooler places. Floods and droughts will then become more common, fresh water will be less available, and diseases can spread more due to the heat (National Geographic). By establishing a tax on how much carbon is emitted, people and corporations would re-evaluate their decisions. This will eventually lead society to switch to more eco-friendly appliances.
Having a carbon tax be implemented towards corporations can be effective in many ways. It can bring in revenue that can be used to invest in new alternative fuel sources. It will also of course help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, slowly cleaning up the problem and reducing how much the climate changes. If the government were to implement a carbon tax on corporations it would add this...

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