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Climate Change In Australia What Is Climate Change? How Will It Affect Life In Australia?

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Honours Programme Principal's Essay 2007Topic: What is climate change? How will it affect life in Australia?StudentMentor teacherHonours Programme Principal's Essay 2007What is climate change? How will it affect life in Australia?World wide, we are facing a severe problem known as climate change, climate change is caused by global warming, this doesn't mean that the whole earth will become hotter, in some areas the climate will become colder, places with mild climate will experience extreme climate changes, and if the global warming phenomenon continues we will be on the verge of the next ice age; global warming is a paradox. Around the world we see extreme climate changes such as hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, heat waves, extreme winters, alluvion, melting of glaciers, drought and inundation; these have been happening in areas in which this never happen before. The science community cannot identify the cause of this climate shifting, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 90% of these climate changes are produced by the green house effects. In Australia extreme climate changes causes problems to industries such as agriculture, tourism and farming; climate changes produces variations on the autralian ecosystem which might results in extinction of some species; health problems is another area affected which has a huge impact on Australian life, all of these have economic consequences. Australia is currently suffering climate changes effects such as droughts, water shortages, cyclones and effects of El Niño.Ecosystem means a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment, this is a definition from The Macquarie dictionary the meaning of this is that every living thing depends in some way upon certain other living and non living things. The climate changes have influenced in the function of many ecosystems in Australia, making these ecosystems more vulnerable every day. Changes in climate affect photosynthesis, plant respiration, and life of animals. This is producing an unbalanced ecosystems this unbalance is worse every day, Australia is losing many varieties of plants and animals this is due to the severe weather that has left many animals with out habitats or food. Climate changes will significantly damage the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu and The Wet Tropics, three of the Australians World Heritage sites; global warming is causing the Great Barrier Reef to bleach and die, heading to an irreversible damage; in Kakadu National Park there will be a reduction of fresh water habitats because much of its wetlands will become mangroves due to global warming; the animals in the Wet Tropics can not adapt to climate changes which will cause extinction of some animals.Agriculture in Australia suffered a big impact by climate change, causing damage in farming lands, extreme weathers makes it harder to grow crops and live stock this leaves many farmers without jobs and with acute...

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