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Environment And Ethical Issues In The Book By John Broome

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The Book written by John Broome, Talks about how we as individuals should understand, the full effect we are having, on our environment and ethical issues brought on by our emissions of greenhouse gases. He goes into a lot of detail describing the moral injustice we have caused for the future generations, and many humans today. If we continue to destroy the earth by emitting CO2 in the air, global warming will continue to melt the polar ice caps; we face a crisis that can potentially kill off thousands of people. Broome’s main issue in the book Climate Matters is the moral injustice of Knowing we are doing something wrong and not doing anything to change, because of our transgressions. Broome believes; many people throughout the world will be displaced, because of the constant rising seawater, and many people will die if we continue down this path of destruction. It may not seem like your contribution of CO2 into the Atmosphere can hurt anyone, but when nobody is doing anything to stop it adds up and can have a major effect upon many people around the world. The book Climate Matters was written to shed light on what is considered ethically unjust and what we need to do in order to stop us from destroying the planet, that has provided us with life. One principal argument the book makes is, if we are moral unjust do we need to do something to stop this and does being morally unjust mean anything to people now days or has world become so selfish that we have lost sight of what is right and wrong.
Brooms leading argument says we should feel morally responsible as individuals, who emit CO2 gas to the atmosphere, to do anything we can to stop and take any action we can to help people understand the moral injustice of CO2 emissions. We have been taught, as a nation, that ignorance is no excuse, for one to commit an action that could be considered wrong. As far as knowledge about CO2 and Global warming goes. We seem to be getting a lot of it, from the Circus we call our Government. The use of global warming to get voters to vote, for a party has caused many people to become skeptical about global warming. People are not getting the information they need to truly understand, the reality of global warming, making them ignorant. Is this their own fault or are there others to blame? And if there is no understanding by these people against the injustice, they are creating is this truly something they can say is affecting their morality.
Broome has this idea that everyone should be educated on what global warming is really doing to the world, but has shown us no way of reaching people to tell the truth. Many people like Broome think it is our own duty to educate ourselves on matters such as climate change, because we have the means to, through the Internet, and social media. If we don't, then we are uneducated and creating an injustice that could be worse than knowing and doing the same thing. If this is true, then all people around the world are untaught in...

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