Climate Warming And Polar Bears Essay

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Climate Warming and Polar Bears
As the climate is changing all over the world, its risks are affecting more vulnerable animals. Canada because of its cold environment and its lands covered with ice, is the place which two-thirds of world polar bears lives in and also, Canada harvests them (Watson, 2009). Polar bears look for food, bring their babies and raise them on sea ice. As the climate is warming, hunting seals, which are the polar bears main food, is getting harder for them as the ice sheet is melting (Watson, 2009) and less bears are going to survive. Governments has banned hunting of polar bear so that more bears can survive and reproduce, but hunting polar bears is aboriginal people’s culture, thus they said they said they wont stop hunting polar bears and they believe that polar bears can survive on even on thin ice (Watson, 2009). Banning hunting of polar bears might help polar bears for while, on the other hand, we are killing a culture and therefor, it is important to know how climate warming is affecting polar bears and help them to survive.
Climate warming is melting the ice sheets, and this melting is reducing polar bears‘ living space (Derocher, 2010). Polar bears use sea-ice to reach the seals in the ocean and by reduction of sea-ice it is harder for polar bears to catch seals, thus it is making them to starve, become thinner, and die (Brown, 1007). In addition, starving and reducing sea-ice has made polar bears to swim far from the land, thus they might drown (Brown, 2007). Polar bears store energy as much as they can through winter and they fast all the summer. Warmer climate makes ices break earlier which means that polar bears have less time to for storing the energy that they need for the summer which leads to starve and death, for instance there was fifteen...

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