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Climbing The Fence: Immigration Across The Us Mexico Border.

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Ancestry goes way back for many Americans. Some of my ancestors came over from England on the Mayflower and even signed the Mayflower Compact. I've always been interested in how our country came to be the way it is. Immigrants really made this country what it is today, but it seems like it's starting to be a real issue. It feels like every time I turn on the news in the evening there are more and more stories about illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican - U.S. border into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. We're all immigrants of some sort unless we are Native Americans. I want to know what is different about this new generation of immigrants. Why are these people coming in illegally and what are we, as a country, doing about the issue?Really, is it an issue? At first, I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. How could one group of people be causing such a disturbance that for awhile it was on the news what seemed like every single night. Finally, I got the explanation I'd been looking for while watching a Dateline report. It was all about illegal Mexican immigrants that had moved into regions of Colorado. People were complaining about four major issues: jobs, schooling, government assistance, and taxes. Colorado residents were concerned that immigrants were stealing jobs from the able-bodies citizens. Also, immigrants' school-age children were being allowed into public school systems. I've seen a few articles about Mexican immigrants being on Welfare or food stamps. People are mad about schools and government assistance due to the fourth major issue, taxes. Taxes can be a sore subject for any hard-working American. Tax payers are concerned that their hard earned money is paying for these programs and they find it unfair that non-payers are spending it. I think it's completely understandable to be upset about it. The issue is definitely something I want to keep tabs on now.As I looked up articles online, I typed "Mexican Illegal Immigrants" into Lexis-Nexis. The number of articles that appeared just from the last six months showed me just what an overwhelmingly huge issue this has become for our country. As the over three hundred articles loaded, I wondered how I'd ever read them all. The first article I pulled up was pretty shocking to me. It was about how the Minnesota National Guard was almost called in to help out at the U.S. - Mexico border (Hopfensperger). Although they were never called upon, the fact that it was being considered shows how much of a problem it truly is.The thought that came to mind for me after I read that particular article was "Where are all the border patrol men?" I couldn't understand why it wasn't being taken care of at the source rather than allowing it to be such a large and growing problem. The next article I opened answered my question. The headline was "The Long, Crooked Line." As I read about the corruption at the border I became outraged. Border patrol men are being paid by the government from our...

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