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Clinical Audit Essay

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In this assignment the author will address the process of clinical audit, and will discuss the clinical audit process relating to one aspect of care delivery, along with how clinical governance can influence the quality of healthcare for patients. The audit topic chosen is phosphate enema administration from a patient's perspective. Using Gibbs model of reflection (Gibbs 1988) the author will reflect on her experience of the audit carried out on a practice placement, and will produce results of this audit. This assignment will also consider the relationship between clinical audit and the wider framework for quality improvement in healthcare.The author has changed the names of any clients ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, audit topics may be recommended by national bodies, such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) or the Healthcare Commission, which the NHS Trust has agreed to participate in. Ethical issues must also be considered, the data collected must relate only to the objectives of the audit, and staff and patient confidentiality must be respected, identifiable information must not be used.The author used a benchmark to set standards for this audit; a benchmark is "a standard by which something is evaluated or measured" (Martin 2004). This is advocated in the Department of Health (DoH) document, The Essence of Care (2003). Which includes the background to Essence of Care, a description of the benchmarking tool, how to use the benchmarks and record forms for developing action and business plans. Nine sets of benchmarks are also included. It is intended that health and social care personnel use this document to address issues of concern within their areas of work and to improve services already provided.A new benchmark, was added to this document in 2003. Promoting Health, This new benchmark provides a framework for shifting the focus from treating ill health to ensuring promoting healthier life choices is firmly embedded in all good patient care (DoH 2003). The Essence of Care benchmarking is a process of sharing and developing practice in order to achieve best practice, (DoH 2003). The stages involved in benchmarking are highlighted in appendix 3.The author considered two procedures as a benchmark for her audit, Dougherty, & Lister, (2004) (appendix 4), and the Guidelines for the administration of medicines (NMC 2004). Both procedures advocate enemas to be the best evacuation procedure for certain bowel surgery. For example, a flexible sigmoidoscopy, the colon and rectum must be completely empty for flexible sigmoidoscopy to be thorough and safe, unless the bowel is empty of stools, the test can be limited and may need to be repeated at a later date. Right before the procedure, you may also be given an enema, which is a liquid solution that washes out the intestines (International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, 2002).The first step in the audit was to compile a questionnaire (appendix 5), which consisted of five simple questions that the author thought would most reflect a patient's perception of the enema procedure. The next step in the audit was to consider the results (appendix 6) and to justify any problems that had arisen, and put forward to the ward manager for her consideration any changes that the author could advocate. The results themselves outlined only one problem with the procedure on the ward, which was that four out of ten patients were not shown where the toilets where. This in the author's opinion was a major problem. The author reports that several other important issues were brought to light, not by the questions themselves but by the author's observation of the procedures these...

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