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Looking back in time over the last 40 years even computers were huge, bulky, and unsightly. Few homes had them and individuals had no idea what capabilities could arise. After the evolution of the internet, and computers becoming more popular, physicians had been able to use these tools to improve the quality of patient care. However with the recent mandate the government has put on electronic health record systems (HER), one key objective is to optimize the use of Clinical Decision based support systems (CDSS). By utilizing such systems, better care at a cheaper rate can be provided to patients saving both time and money.
Major components of a CDSS

Looking into major components of a CDSS there are two major ones. These include diagnostic support tools, and treatment support tools. Diagnostic support helps physicians make a better diagnosis based on the patient symptoms, medications, and medical records according to Yuan, (2011). Diagnostic errors are means for lawsuits among health care professionals so information needs to be accurate. Helping physicians to avoid common keystroke errors is common ground for dismissing a malpractice lawsuit (Yuan, 2011).
Patient treatment relies on clinicians to stay compliant with treatment guidelines and make the right decisions for patients with known allergies, and underlying medical conditions. Treatment guidelines according to Yuan (2011) include “Avoiding known drug interactions, dispensing the proper medications, and staying on schedule with catheter changes to say the least” (Developer works journal, pp. 6, para. 2).
The second major component of the CDSS aims at workflow and ease-of-use with a computer program. There are many computer programs out there but a common one being implemented into many medical facilities is called “Isabel”. According to computer programmer Matt Hagland (2012), “Isabel takes a natural language patient summary from the physician notes in the EHR, identifies keywords contained in the summary, and then generates a list of related diagnoses from its probabilities database” (Healthcare informatics journal, pp. 4, para. 3). This type of program eliminates improper diagnostics based on what the patient is experiencing as far as symptoms and treatment.
The second component of this system is the ability of programs to identify and published medical literature for treatment options for each diagnosis, and it makes treatment suggestions to the physician together with diagnoses (Hagland, 2012). Having the ability to basically decipher through medical facility paraphrasing makes the physicians notes appealing as...

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