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Clinical Depression Among Teens Essay

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A girl walks to class laughing in a crowded huddle. All smiles. She catches her reflection in the library window, unsatisfied at what she sees. Below the surface she is brought back into realization and is flushed with the incomprehensible sadness that follows her closer than a shadow. Overlooked, she pushes on faking a cheerful mood wondering if today she will finally end the pain. (fix the thesis, seperate, and add to end of first paragraph) Seven percent of teens with clinical depression end up committing suicide; in order to keep depression from negatively impacting every aspect of an adolescent’s life, there needs to be more awareness of the consequences of teen depression. Each and every day, teens are being challenged with the distressing events leading into a dark pit know as depression. When the stress of everyday life becomes to much, teenagers can not help but crumble under the pressure. Encountering new pressures and important transitions that an adolescent faces lead to uncomfortable feelings and a questionable sense of how they view themselves. They become unaware of who they are and are struggling to figure out where they fit in or how they connect with the rest of the world. Across the United States, teen depression statistics are becoming more and more alarming; therefore, people need to become more conscious when a sign of the depression seems to appear.
Many young people today are struck by the devastations of depression. About one in every twelve adolescents (8.3%) is diagnosed with clinical depression. In a given six-month period, five percent of nine to seventeen year olds are estimated to be suffering or troubled with depression. Depression is a serious, real medical illness. The exact cause is unknown, but it is believed that the victim’s brain doesn’t have a certain amount of chemicals in the brain, which affects mood, emotions, and behaviors. Also, depression is known to run in family and to be in genes passed down from generations. Most family members will recall or know how to react to depression from past experiences. The main reason depression strikes is because of stressful events. It may be triggered by school, bullying, fights with a friend, parents’ divorce, or death of a pet or loved one. Depression is more serious before the age of 10 and is at equal risk for boys and girls. Many victims may never know why they had depression and what may cure one, may not cure another.
All teenagers react different to clinical depression but share some same symptoms. Someone might notice if a teen is starting to fall into depression by wanting to be left alone or more sensitive to...

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