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Nursing care has something to do with organizing, planning, implementing and evaluating. This simply means that nursing as a field of expertise shares a common bond with management. Management by definition is putting things into a meaning order to produce favourable results to a certain organization. Without nursing management, the whole delivery system will be on a chaos.
Nursing management need people in order to implement such management standards. These people should have good leadership skills, critical thinkers and versatile by nature. Clinical nurse managers embodies such ideals. They are actually pearls of the hospital administration as they are the direct managing body in contact with the staff nurses down to the non-nursing personnel. They serve as middle men between the top management officials and the staff nurses. Clinical nurse managers would usually focus their energy in solving the unit’s problem, perform auditing on the medical supplies being used, organize and forward medical records, perform staffing recruitment and evaluation.
Clinical nurse managers also take hands on patient care and take that information in order to collaborate with other health care professionals. They also bring the staff nurses closer to the policies and objectives of the unit as well as the hospital by role modelling. They also direct nursing activities and other administrative activities assigned to the unit. Staffing schedules are also done by them in order to promote fair distribution of manpower.
Aside from the administrative roles, they also assume a great deal of specialization. Some may specialize in specific age groups such as paediatrics or geriatrics. Through the management styles, they bring the whole team to reach a common given to the unit assigned. They may also work in various settings such a hospitals, clinics and health organizations.
Aside from the human resource manager, the nursing service office assigns clinical nurse managers to screen out potential staff members. They conduct initial review of application letters and resume, facilitate an interview as well as return demonstrations. They are called to do such screening since they are the ones who stay in touch with each unit. For instance, they know the number of staff nurses that are resigning, so they must start looking for replacements. They also know the nature of each job in the unit so they must look for people who have the ability to match the demands of the unit as well as the tasks ahead. During the interview, clinical nurse managers actually acquire...

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