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Clinical Psychologist Essay

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Ever since I was in middle school I was fascinated by the world of psychology. The thought of being able to get into someone’s mind by merely speaking them through it intrigued me terribly and I was just so amazed by all of the different areas of it I didn’t know for a couple of years what I wanted to do in that field specifically, but I knew I was meant to be a psychologist of some sorts. I knew I was meant to help people with their mental issues and illnesses in the way I was helped which eventually led me to clinical psychology. “Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems.” (Cherry, Kendra. "Clinical Psychology - What Is Clinical Psychology”) To sum it up, a clinical psychologist is someone who diagnoses people to help them find out what issue they have mentally; like how a doctor would diagnose a patient with a physical disease I would be helping a patient with their mental ailment. To do this I will have to go through many years of schooling but I know in the end it will be worth it if I can have a worthwhile career such as this one.
Lightner Witmer could be seen as the father of clinical psychology as he was the first person to see psychology as more than a pure science. He began assisting a young boy with his difficulty with spelling, then he founded his first journal in this new field of psychology that he started. He began to call it clinical psychology which he defined as the “study of individuals” which would be done by observation or experimentation. It would be put to use in World War One when the military needed psychologists to conduct tests of intelligence on the soldiers they were called Army Alpha and Army Beta. Then in 1917, the American Association of Clinical Psychology was founded which lasted for two years when the American Psychological Association created a section for Clinical Psychology. After this event the world of Clinical Psychology was slowly growing until the clinical psychologists were once again needed in war. They were called in during World War Two when they were needed to evaluate soldiers who had, what was called at the time, ‘shell shock’ which we now refer to as post-traumatic stress disorder. While the male psychologists were out in the war the females left at home that were banned from the war started their own organization the National Council of Women Psychologists to assist those left in the country while others were in the war. After the war the U.S Veterans Association began funding programs to train clinical psychologists. Since then, Clinical Psychology has flourished steadily and has done much good for people everywhere.
Being a clinical psychologist is an incredibly rewarding experience but a person such as me would have to be ready to accept an immense amount of schooling. If one wants to be a clinical psychologist they would need a Master’s degree or a doctorate, a doctorate is...

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