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Nurses are primarily responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diverse populations; however, there are different nursing career paths beyond these traditional functions. A clinical research nurse (CRN) conducts scientific research within the context of modern medicine. Medical research consists involves the study of diseases, and the creation of new treatments or drug to treat them. Clinical research nurses may contribute to these innovations in various ways. For instance, they might work for universities, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, or private research firms. Clinical research nurses enroll, screen, follow study subjects and then document all of the results. These unconventional nurses will still act in a traditional role, making sure to explain the study, answering questions and addressing all concerns.
Clinical research nurses who obtain may be able to teach or write articles involving any research discoveries for professional nursing journals. Clinical research nurses procure funds by requesting for grant money through grant proposals, which makes grant writing an indispensable skill for these nurses. Clinical research nurses contribute research to help people receive better medical care in a more efficient healthcare system.advanced degrees

Clinical Research Nursing Education and Training

Prospective clinical research nurses will need to complete a great deal of nursing education before entering the desired specialty field. All students will need to become a general nurse by enrolling into a traditional LPN program or RN program. The quickest way to accomplish the first step is to complete an associate's degree or any number of accredited vocational nursing programs. An associate degree in nursing (and) or associate of science in nursing ASN) takes roughly two to three years to complete. This initial step to becoming a certified registered nurse will be applied to a four-year bachelor's degree, which may be necessary for most nurse jobs in the research nursing specialty field. Some schools have accelerated BSN programs for prospective research nursing students that have already obtained a degree outside of nursing. The final step to become a certified registered nurse is to pass the NCLEX-RN exam administered by the U.S. State's board of nursing. Many research nurses have obtained a master's or doctoral degree. These higher-education degrees will open the road to more clinical research nursing occupations.
There are a couple of pitfalls that some prospective research nurses may encounter, such as the lack of clinical experience for those enrolled in online nursing programs. Online LPN programs or online RN programs may not offer the necessary hands-on training that traditional nursing schools offer that help advance the nursing career of those prospective students. In fact, this lack of clinical experience may limit the amount of nurse jobs offered to online graduates. Therefore, it's imperative for these...

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