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The topic for this paper is the United States policy towards the Caribbean countryof Haiti during the Clinton administration. The subjects which will be discussed are theissues of: Refugees, Foreign Aide as well as human rights the United States involvementin Haiti issues of national interests. What will also be examined is what the Clintonadministration trying to achieve concerning Haiti. What the United Nations and the U.S.roles were, and what the public thought was concerning these issues. Also why theUnited States was involved with the internal dispute of a third world country where thenational interest was not clearly defined. The issue of why was it or was not soimportant for the United States to send troops to Haiti will also be discussed. Theproblem in Haiti was the pro democratic elected president Aristide was exile from Haitiduring a military coup. Several issues arose out of Haiti after the exile of Aristide.Issues of: human rights there were reports that the new regime brought back 'deathsquads' killing people who opposed the new leaders. One of the main targets of theClinton policy is a group called the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti ofFRAPH. The administration has targeted this group for their continued backing andsupport of General Cedras, for their human rights violations.Issues of , refugee's illegally trying to enter the United States creating aneconomic burden on much of south Florida. All of these issues arose during presidentBush's term in office. The Bush administration was to turn back the refugee's. The Bushadministration saw no vital national interest in concerning it self with the internalproblems of Haiti ,because there were so many problems at home in the United States,other than to turn the refugee's away from south Florida. When president Clinton tookover the office of the presidency he would become very indecisive and weak on the issueof Haiti.President Clinton began badly on Haiti. With his continual indecision and lack ofany real back bone to the policies which were decided upon. 'First, he gave charge of hismaccarone2policy to Bush administration holdovers who over the previous year had made clear theirintent to construct in Haiti a version of democracy that left the president in exile but withan Aristide - appointed prime minister and cabinet. This tortured scenario was doomedto failure because over two thirds of...

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