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Cliques Essay

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At my old school, there were 50 kids in my grade. I knew each one by name and had probably spoken with each of them at least five times in my freshman, sophomore and junior years. There were cliques, just like in every school, mainly "popular", "goth/punk", "Asian" and "preppy/ nerds". This is just the way things are in school. It's not a bad thing, its just human nature to want to spend time with people they are most like. That's not the problem. The problem is the pressure that is put on kids to belong in a clique. Everybody's thinking, "Am I going to look cool enough for the popular kids? Will they accept me?" Kids like Eric Harris, one of the two Columbine shooters, was harassed daily by the "popular" kids, called gay, a loser, a freak and a nerd. Then the same people who tormented him act shocked and wonder why he shot up the school. The reason is pressure.In the three years I spent at Chapel Hill, from the first day I hung out with the popular clique, which consisted mainly of 5 s and 7 guys. Some of the girls in the clique really didn't have anything to do with people of other cliques unless they needed help with homework or were assigned to the person for a group project. I, on the other hand, was friendly to everyone, and had no grudges against anyone and vice versa. Junior year a named Jessica came to my school. The first day she came, she looked so lost, and I immediately went up to her and made her feel welcome, by introducing her to my friends, or my "clique." But even though there were cliques, the people in them were always there to help others when in need, some more then others. Overall the school was a community. I really learned what that meant when I broke my leg. The people in cliques other then my own that I had taken the time to...

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827 words - 3 pages staggering state of affairs, students have mastered separation brilliance and competence, creating differences with style, interests, and appetites. One thing that will never change… there is no escaping these dreadful high school cliques! “Whatever! She only makes an appearance every month because her parents pay her for every C on her report card.” The prosperous, preppy, popular kids that everyone loves to hate, famous for self involvement

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1364 words - 5 pages Most every high school in America has its own set of "cliques" or social castes whose members mingle mostly within the one clique. Many schools have unique groups according to the area such as "surfers", "snow bunnies", and "hicks" referring to people who surf, snow ski/board, or take on more rural looks. However, most schools share some common groups such as "preppies" who are usually the upper class students with more money, "goths" who are

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2461 words - 10 pages ? High school has a significant impact on an individual’s development. Whether it is their personality or behavior, an individual who goes through high school can see changes in their characteristics. A common stereotype in high school that is largely portrayed in the media is the existence of cliques. Cliques can give an individual a sense of belonging or a sense of betrayal. These two behaviors are commonly seen with the acceptance or rejection from

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1192 words - 5 pages Carlos AlfonsoMrs. Russo2/13/14English 1Social Cliques in Lord of the Flies by William GoldingSocial cliques are both a blessing and a curse to adolescences in high school and evenin the real world. Cliques' help people find others that share common interest and allowadolescences to make friends and find themselves. Though cliques can often turn violent andexclude others because they do not share common interests they have become common place

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797 words - 4 pages In high school surviving is the hardest things to do, when anyone first come there. The best thing to do is finding a clique of people and join them. Finding different cliques are not that hard, but knowing who they are and adapting the environment is one of the hardest thing to do in high school. Finding a wrong clique can lead anyone straight down to a life of hell or worse. Students who entering high school can identify the types of cliques

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2387 words - 10 pages the prefrontal cortex and an overreliance on the instinctive amygdala. However, these problems can be tempered with reasonable amounts of parental control and involvement. The second step to understanding how high school affects the teenage brain is to look at the larger parts of high school culture, such as cliques and violence, as well as the noted solutions to them. Cliques are groups of like-minded peers that have difficulty taking new

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1489 words - 6 pages math geeks. The concept is simple; people who are alike hang with each other. The term clique, has arose as the dominant term used to called a group of particular individuals. Cliques, to some students, can be intimidating and in some cases, can completely separate a high school. So, two questions conflicting ideas arise: is having a school where everybody knows everyone a good thing? Or are cliques beneficially and just preparation for the


619 words - 2 pages are most common in certain kinds of cliques. This has caused students to watch out for whom they hang out with. School violence is a very important issue and if we don't get rid of it soon it will continue to harm kids in schools around the world.School violence is a very important issue in our society today. "School Violence effects us all whether it is directly related to us or not."(1) The affect of school on people is very dramatic. Study's

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2238 words - 9 pages hard to identify. This gang will use 'M" or "MS" in addition to the number 13 or "Sureno" (Valdez,2000). Today, Mara Salvatrucha has many associate gangs, or cliques. At times, other tattoos may include the name of an associate gang or clique (Valdez, 2000).Upon initial organization of the gang, many members were arrested and deported.Initially, the deportees were sent to the Guezaltepeque Prison in El Salvador. While in prison, deportees recruited

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1288 words - 5 pages . Teachers need to be educated about these things. They need to know what is occurring outside of their classrooms in order to make a difference inside their classrooms. Cliques play a key role in both positive and negative peer influence. Depending on which clique a child belongs to, he could become an honor student who never tries drugs or alcohol or he could become an alcohol or drug abuser, a bully, or he could become promiscuous which could lead to

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