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Cloeridge's Kubla Khan As A Sexual Perversion

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Throughout the nineteenth century and even during the first quarter of the twentieth century "kubla Khan" was considered, almost universally, to be a poem in which stron feelings overwhelm any trace of sense. By far the most intriguing of questions asked about the most intriguing of poems is "what does it mean?" That is if, indeed, it has or was ever inteded to have any particular meaning. A thorough analysis of the poem, however, proves that this poem was a sexual perversion created in the mind of the author. Within several sections of the poem the reader is faced with stron sexual urges on behalf of the author. Becuase there have been several attempts to interpret this poem and becuase several criticisms have been published, it is almost hard to make a wrong interpretation of this poem. With this in mind, my analysis of the poem takes a different angle a interpreting the poemFrom the preface, Coleridge gives his readers an understanding of how the poem came about being written. It is understood that the author was in a drug-induced state, and that this vision came to him in a dream. What the readers must decipher now is what the meaning of the poem is. The author has given readers tbe image of a "pleasure dome". The dome is an exotic recluse the author has created, much like other people create for themselves when they are about to experience sex. The dome is fertile and lush; there is an endless bounty of life within its walls. The dome is, in a sense, much like the garden of Eden in which Adam and Eve were intimate with each other. The dome, in that same sense, could represent a safe haven in which the author could be intimate with his self; it could even symbolize his bed, in which he can fertilize and give life. The "sacred river" that the author has created runs through the dome. The river is sacred in that where ever it flows life is abundant. This river could symbolize the flow of sperm and its ability to fertilize and create life.The dome is innocent and pure, untouched. The land is green, floweres blossom and the sun shines over the land, whereas the "deep romantic chasm...a savage place." (11-14) is not innocent or pure. In the chasm, the author gives his readers a pagan image of a woman crying aloud for her "demon lover" (16) to come and take her. This image of the woman calling out to her lover is pagan in that at one time in history some people worshipped the land by having sex and therefore fertilizing the land with their intimacy. In anticipation for fertility, the Earth is beginning to lose control. "With ceaseless turmoil seething" (17, the Earth pants losing all it abilities to hold on and wait for its fertilization. The author here, has created the image that he, like the Earth, is also awaiting his time...

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