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Cloning And The Decline In Genetic Diversity

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Cloning and the Decline in Genetic Diversity
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One of the biggest problems with the use of cloning is the decline in genetic diversity, continued use of cloning would lead to inbreeding, wide scale, conformity. Humans would be taking nature into their own hands.
Over the past billion years, life has grown into a fascinating structure. Of the 300,000 kinds of plants and more than a million kinds of animals that are known today, no two are exactly alike – yet within families there are marked similarities (Monsanto 18). From generation to generation family resemblance is so obvious that it is not thought about. Farmers and breeders have used the obvious fact of family resemblance for centuries to improve the productivity of their plants and animals. They have created better hybrids by breeding together the largest of the most disease resistant. Though they didn’t know it, they were applying basic genetic engineering.
In 1989, molecular biologist Norton Zinder said,”Today we begin” (Begley 56). With these words, Zinder and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), formally launched a monumental effort that could rival in scope both the Manhattan Project, witch created the A-bomb, and the Apollo moon-landing program-and may exceed them in importance (Jaroff95). The Program will map the human and spell out for the world the entire message hidden in its chemical code. Robert Sinsheimer of the University of California at Santa Barbara says,”The human gene is the complete set of instructions for making a human being “(Begley57). The achievement of the project would launch a new era in medicine. They would be able to predict an individual vulnerability and could eventually develop new drugs to treat or even prevent them. Though they may not have known, this project was also the start of cloning.
Now of course the world has heard of the famous Dolly, the first mammal ever cloned from single adult cell. She is living proof that scientist had solved one of the most challenging problems of cell biology. Her creation has raised a troubling question, can humans, too, be cloned?(Begley53). Just think, parents could have their dying child copied, pro team owners their greatest players, and hospitals their best doctors.
In every cell of the human body, there contains the complete genetic makeup of the entire person. The cell, however, is programmed to be a certain thing such as bon or organ and that is all they become even though they have the makeup for the entire human body. Cloning is the process of manipulating a cell from an animal so that it grows into the exact duplicate of that animal (Encarta). According to psychologist Jerome Kagan of Harvard. You will never get 100 percent identity-never-because of chances factors and because environments are never exactly the same.
Believe it or not biologist have discovered yet another way to clone. In the old way, the in which Dolllywas cloned, they took the...

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