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Cloning and the Moral Decisions Gary KnappCloning and the Moral Decisions Associated with ItNational American UniversityGary KnappSaving Humanity or gradually culminating to an identically, physically, mentally and spiritually equal society. The following text discusses whether the process of, or act of cloning is stomping moral beliefs flat to the ground or has cloning technologies opened another door for humanity. The truth about cloning is that it has been around for hundreds of years, farmers have cloned plants for their harvests almost every spring. Keeping a stem or stock of a previously owned plant is cheaper and easier than trenching and planting seeds every year. Cloning is still studied today, however there are many restrictions as to what can be done. There are fifteen states that have laws consisting of human cloning, and a few others that address the use of public funds for human cloning. (Legislators, 2013) Quickly after the infamous cloned sheep Dolly was dubbed a success President Clinton issued an executive memorandum banning the use of federal funds for cloning purposes. What is it about cloning animals, humans included, that makes it so different and more wrong than plant cloning. Why can farmers clone strawberries every year without raising alarm but when some scientists at Roslin Institute and Biotechnology Company clone the world's first mammal using nuclear transfer, cloning restrictions begin without looking into how it can be used beneficially. However there are always two sides to every story and this is no exception, however beneficial the cloning and cloning technologies could be the process ofCloning is defined by a cell or organism that is genetically identical, in every single aspect, to the individual from which it was derived. A more scientific definition would be cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact copy of another natural organism. Cloning is sometimes referred to as "Playing God", why then, would a supernatural being create such complex ecosystems and creatures with such specific niches, if we could just as easily roll the dice. It's not exactly "Playing God" or rolling dice, it is simply an act that we are capable of performing with enormous moral repercussions. However on the other side of the coin, cloning is the creation on an organism, and this is precisely what is believed to be "Gods work", assuming He is the brick in the universal tower.As mentioned earlier, cloning is the reproduction of an organism, identically similar to the original, this can be done in one of three ways. The first type happens naturally and cannot be stopped without using cloning technologies. This form of cloning is referred to as sexual reproduction, with the end result producing two identical twin babies. Although some cases of identical twins have been recorded up to 4 identical twin babies with the two sets of differing babies, leaving two sets of identical twins. This type of cloning is achieved when the...

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