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Cloning. Is Cloning Right? Essay

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Many people think that cloning is very bad, but others think it could bring a better world to us. Few people know a lot about cloning. It is defined by the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia as "a group of organisms descended from a single individual through asexual reproduction." (Cohen 10) Some people believe that possibly humans could be cloned. Many apples, grapes and ornamental shrubs are clones. (Cohen 12) When you bite into an apple, you can not tell if it is a clone or not, though. Will that bother you from now on? Or maybe cloning isn't so bad after all. This paper will prove that cloning should be legal because of the many benefits it has. During the 1970s, people could not clone mammals successfully, but they did clone amphibians. They just could not get it right with mammals probably because of the difference in DNA. (Cohen 19)Many people started claiming to have made human clones all over the world; people started writing fiction books about what they cloned. People knew they were just stories, though, until David Rorvik started writing. David Rorvik wrote a book called In His Image: The Cloning of a Man. He was just like many of the other authors who wrote stories, except this book was supposed to be non-fiction. In his book he wrote that he had talked to a man he called Max. Max was a sixty-year-old who wanted a clone of himself. Rorvik said that he went beyond Hawaii where there were many women who would supply eggs to carry the embryo until the baby was born. Rorvik claimed that the babywas eventually born in California in December 1976. He wrote it was alive and healthy. (Cohen 17,18)Before the book was published, word got around that the "first human clone" was born. In the New York Post, the front page boasted, "Boy Born Without Mother: He's the First Human Clone." People did not know what to think. But then the science community said it was another false claim. (Cohen 19) Although Rorvik's claim was said to be false and people doubted it, they wondered what if he did actually clone someone. So on people went to find the absolute truth by scheduling a court session, but the day the session was planned to be held, he said that he was sick and could not make it, so people rescheduled it for a later time. When it was time for the rescheduled one, he had someone tell the people that he was in Europe to advertise his book. The hearing went on without him and they called the book a complete hoax. (Cohen 34, 35)Some scientists tried to clone sheep. They got two hundred seventy-seven embryos and eggs. Only twenty-seven of them survived for more than a couple of days; and only one of them actually came out alive and well. Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned successfully. (Cohen 34) People started talking and thinking about people cloning Michael Jordan and making a team of him, or bringing back Albert Einstein or other famous people that are either dead or alive. (Cohen 42)People did not see the whole picture with cloning. A...

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