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Cloning Is Ethical And Necessary Essay

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Cloning is a subject which many people do not agree upon. Scientists think cloning should be allowed because it can lead to great things. On the other hand, those who are more religious argue that cloning should not be allowed because it violates the Bible and God’s plan. Though cloning may be seen as a violation of human and religious rights, cloning should be allowed because it can be very beneficial to humans, whether it would be through bringing a loved one back or helping lead to a medical breakthrough. Cloning should be allowed because it can help benefit the human race.
One of the main reasons cloning should be allowed is because cloning, for some people, is an ethical way to reproduce. Also, for some people cloning can be their only way to reproduce. Some people may not even be able to have children because they are infertile. Alun Anderson, editor of the science magazine New Scientist and former research biologist, discussed the possible advantages of cloning in one of his articles.
How about the case of a woman who desperately wishes to have a child but finds herself infertile? Current choices are limited and already involve complicated medical procedures. The woman might be able to obtain an egg from a donor, have it fertilized in vitro with sperm from her partner and then implanted in her womb. The child’s genetic makeup would be half that of another woman. Isn’t it kinder—perhaps even more natural—alternative to allow the woman to give birth to a clone of herself? (Anderson 60)
Also, some people may have a disability or even a disease that they would not want to pass on to their children. Anderson goes on to comment.
Take the case of a couple who have been to a genetic counselor and have found that they both carry a recessive gene for disease. It could be cystic fibrosis, for example, or sickle-cell anemia. The couple will know that if they have a child, they face a high risk that their child will suffer from the disease. Why, if cloning was safe, shouldn’t one of them be given the opportunity to clone her or himself? They could be sure that the child would be healthy, and avoid prenatal testing and the subsequent agonizing decisions about whether or not to abort a baby afflicted by the genetic disease. (Anderson 59)
Cloning could be very beneficial to families and could give people and couples who face these issues the opportunity to be able to have children, since not everyone has the ability to have kids or have healthy kids.
People also can argue that cloning should allowed because stem cells can now be made from a cloning method. Stem cells can be very vital to medical breakthroughs. Melissa Healy, who is the staff writer for the health section in the Los Angeles Times said, "For the first time, scientists have created human embryos that are genetic copies of living people and used them to make stem cells--a feat that paves the way for treating a range of diseases with personalized body tissues..." (1)....

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