Cloning Needs To Be Illegal This Paper Was Written For The Purpose Of Proving Why A Social Issue Must Be Changed.

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Cloning Needs to be IllegalIn June 1993, Steven Spielberg's film, Jurassic Park, introduced a worldwide audience to the concept and imagined consequences to cloning. The concept of cloning was simplified to the point that not only did it look acceptable it appeared to be realistically possible. Science was already working on breaking down the entire genetic sequence for human DNA, cloning seemed the next logical step. The one important message that is many times lost behind the movie's special effects and the storyline is the probing question asked by the character Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaotician, "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think about if they should"(Jurassic Park).Cloning, in scientific terms, means to make an exact copy of a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequence. A clone is said to have all descendants of the genome derived asexually from a single individual. There are three different procedures of cloning: embryo cloning, adult DNA cloning (reproductive cloning), and therapeutic cloning. Embryo cloning is the technique that produces twins or triplets. One or more cells are removed from a fertilized embryo and encouraged to develop into one or more duplicate embryos. Twins or triplets are thus formed, with identical DNA. In therapeutic cloning the embryonic stem cells are removed from the pre-embryo with the intent of producing tissue or a whole organ for transplant back into the person who supplied the DNA. The pre-embryo dies in the process. The goal of therapeutic cloning is to produce a healthy copy of a sick person's tissue or an organ for transplant. However the type of cloning that deserves the most concern with human research is reproductive cloning ( human cloning research continues, scientists plan to use the somatic cell nuclear transfer. A somatic cell is a cell of the embryo, fetus, child, or adult, which contains a full complement of two sets of chromosomes. An egg or a sperm contain only one set of chromosomes. The procedure begins when doctors take the egg from a donor and remove the nucleus of the egg, creating an enucleated egg. A cell, which contains DNA, is then taken from the person who is being cloned. The enucleated egg is then fused together with the cloning subject's cell using electricity. This electrical shock additionally becomes the catalyst to beginning the cell division necessary for development, replacing the naturally occurring stimulus of the interaction of sperm and egg. This creates an embryo, which is implanted into a surrogate mother through in vitro fertilization. If the procedure is successful, then the surrogate mother will give birth to a baby that is a clone of the cloning subject at the end of a normal gestation period. This is the type of procedure that was used to produce the sheep, Dolly. Dolly was the first large animal to be cloned from an adult cell. Dolly was the only lamb born from 277 fusions of oocytes...

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