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Levi BremerPeriod 511/12/12Cloning EssayCloning is a very controversial topic because there are two very different points of view. People want to clone because of the benefits it could bring but others don't want to risk the bad people of the past because they could star long dead fires. Cloning is when you take the DNA of one donor and an egg from the same species to grow an identical image of the parent. So far we are able to clone all sorts of living things that we could want to clone. After the first clone was produced, Dolly, the Clinton Administration made it illegal to clone humans. ...view middle of the document...

By cloning themselves people can understand why their parents did something the way they did. If you have a disease and you can't have a kid on the normal rode then you can clone one of the parents and raise a child of your own.On the other hand people still believe that human cloning could be bad because of the Hitler argument. The Hitler argument is simply that a bad person could clone a horrible person and raise him/her to be really bad and start another war. Clones could be used for soldiers or labor workers and not treated as real people. It could turn in to another way to discriminate against other people. The world is populated enough right now and if every ones clones themselves then we will have an overpopulation problem and we could run out of food and space to spread out. I think we should clone humans but only with limitations. If everyone cloned themselves then we could easily overpopulate. If we could clone then it would be far more beneficial to us then it is to not be able to clone people. When another country starts to clone and it is socially accepted there are definite limitations that should be put into place so that not every one clones themself. Even with limitations it is probably going to be done outside the law. With limitations it wont be perfect but it will be better than if it was a free for all.

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