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Another reason as to why human cloning technology still has a low success rate is due to the ethical reasons given by the government. According to NCSL in the article “Cloning Human Laws,” fifteen out of fifty one states have banned reproductive cloning. In addition, the banning of reproductive cloning will not support scientists with the funds for human cloning research, as well as prohibit the donation of human zygotes. This is significant because if there is no support from the government for funding and permission to research, then the human cloning technology will progress slowly and illegally in the United States. Contrary, Dr. Silver Lee believes that the cloned baby will be no ...view middle of the document...

The author goes on to say that cloning will create the identical DNA, looks, and potentials but these cloned babies will also need the same opportunity and commitment in order to become successful. Considering this, not all cloned babies will be the same.
Contrary, some couples do not care about having an offspring of famous people; they just want to have a family form themselves. Based on the author Leora Elman in the article “After Years of Failed Fertility Treatments, A New Plan” She has been through many IVF and having 11 miscarriage of baby boys and girls. At the end, IVF did not work for her and her husband so they tried to search for donor embryos in order to get pregnant. Furthermore, in the interview with Dr. Lee Silver who is a professor of genetics at Princeton University, he implies that there is a vast majority of these couples desperately wanting to have children and they treat their children as their own. The above reports state that it is impossible to have a successful natural pregnancy. “It would divide into multiple cells and that embryo could be placed back into a uterus to develop into a fetus and ultimately into a baby” (Dr. Lee). With the advance technology like today, couples that go through reproductive cloning will get a higher chance of having a baby. With this treatment, one of the couple’s DNA will get placed into an egg and eventually develop into a baby. This cloned baby will have the exact DNA of one of the couple.
The procedure could cure all of the deadly diseases if the United States of America provides funding and permission for human cloning research. If cloning is permitted in America then there could be many changes and improvement to the health care system in the United States. Possibly, there will be much failure in order for the human cloning technology to be successful. But, if America does not take that failure as present of knowledge, then the cloning technology will never be successful. Even though cloning has just been developed, it holds a lot of potential for saving human kind. Therefore, in order to find the treatment to all the health issues that have been presented in the...

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