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Clonization Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloning According To Different Visions.

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CLONIZATIONThe word "clone" derives from the Greek term klon, meaning a "sprout" or twig. (Jackson,2001)In technologic meaning, cloning is a transplantation of an entire nucleus and not of specific genes, it is nevertheless an attempt to produce a child with certain traits. Human cloning falls conceptually between 3 other technologies. And the types of cloning are reproductive, embryo and therapeutic cloning. ( It has some advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some ethical, social or legal discussions about human cloning.The first technology for cloning is reproductive technology whose primary purpose is to enable couples to produce a child with whom they have a biological connection. The second one is embryo cloning whose goal is to produce a child that has certain traits. It is just another way of providing a couple with a biological child they might otherwise be unable to have. The last one is therapeutic cloning whose aim is to produce a healthy copy of a sick person's tissue or organ for transplant. With the help of therapeutic cloning, there would not be any danger of organ rejection. (Jackson,2001)There are many ways in which human cloning is expected to benefit mankind. The first advantage is rejuvenation which means reversing the aging process. A second advantage, scientist may be able to treat heart attack victim by cloning their healthy heart cells. Heart disease is the number one killer in several industrialized countries. The third advantage is the embryos can be grown to produce organs or tissues to repair or replace damaged ones. So people won't be difficulty to find compatible organs. One other advantage is about infertility, with cloning infertile couples could have children. Lots of couples around the world are troubled with this complaint. Couples go through physically and emotionally painful procedures for a small chance of having children. Currently interfile treatments are less than 10 percent successful. Another advantage is related with defective and cystic fibrosis. The average person carries 8 defective genes. By the help of cloning it may be possible to ensure and produce effective genetic therapies. In this way everybody's genetic problems can be amenable to treatment. In addition to all above advantages is diseases can be treated. For example Down's syndrome, Tau-Sachs, cancer and spinal cord.( only advantages but there are also disadvantages of cloning. The first disadvantage is the possibility of compromising individualities. The second disadvantage is loss of genetic variation. By cloning, genetic variations can come to harm and they can be eradicated. The third disadvantage is unknown psychological harms can appear with impacts on the family and society. Clones may be treated as second-class citizens because they are seen as a product. ( The main disadvantage is...

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