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'Dances with Wolves' is a movie of the journey of one man's life and dreams. In this movie the lead character ventures on an epic journey of the body and mind. He was a soldier sent to an abandoned post without any knowledge, on an intense spiritual journey. This spiritual journey did not start smoothly however; it began with a bit of friction and harsh words. But it gradually progressed, with basic communication and ceremonial dances. The movie uses several cinematography techniques to strengthen the message that is, the journey.The purpose of this movie is mainly to entertain and make money in the box office, however I feel that there is a deeper reason for it. This movie has a strong message of journeys and change; it is a very emotional and spiritual movie. This story shows us what men are and what we would do for power, but at the same time shows us how peaceful we can be. This movie also shows us about friendship and how friendship is something that should be valued, as John who is in solitary finds the need to have friends. This is evident with the scene where he meets the wolf (Two socks). At first he is frightened by him but then after a while is glade to have some extra company, as the loneliness was staring to get to him.There is no one particular audience for this text as it suits different people for different reasons, but in general this text is for the general public focussing on the Americans. Key groups that this film is aimed at could include those who are lonesome and need to find new friends, the film suggests to the viewer to not be scared to make new friends. I say this because in the scene where John decides to go and make an appearance at the Indian village, he was not afraid and went there looking his best trying to make a good first impression, as some times a first impression is the only one you will get. I think that this film is telling those people that perhaps struggle to find and make friends should always try and not be afraid to make friends with new people, as this in itself could be the start of a new journey.Another group that this movie could be directed to is the American military and its government...

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1294 words - 6 pages Film Critique of “Dances with Wolves” This is a wonderful movie that is set in 1863 during the civil war. The main character is John Dunbar, a Lieutenant in the United States Army, who is played by Kevin Costner. The movie begins with Dunbar in the field hospital with a severely wounded leg that the Dr.’s are planning to amputate. Dunbar decides that he does not want to live minus a leg and leaves the field hospital, takes a horse and rides

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1312 words - 5 pages Dances With Wolves Dances with Wolves offers a cinematic portrayal of Native Americans that is quite contrary to the stereotypical norm. In this film, John Dunbar, goes out to the west where he meets and becomes friends with the Sioux Indians. He is drawn more and more into their community and eventually chooses to side with the humane Indians over his fellow cruel white Americans. In an attempt to change stereotypical views, director Kevin

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623 words - 2 pages respond very well. They later got along, the women he found spoke a little English, and they were able to communicate. Him and the Indians became very close. He was like one of the tribe. Ever since he got to his post, there was a wolf, he saw all the time, and he named him 2 socks. One day, he was playing with the wolf and the Indians named him “Dances with Wolves”. Most of the men of the tribe sent out one day trying to make peace

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850 words - 3 pages few Sioux warriors go to save John Dunbar from the Union soldiers. In order to save their dear friend, they have to kill a regiment of white men. John Dunbar, or Dances With Wolves as he is known with the tribe, is a close friend who has helped the Sioux in many ways. The Sioux never went looking for white men to kill. They remained isolated until people found or threatened them. The Sioux are an unselfish, unified tribe. They support one

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780 words - 4 pages Comparing Dances with Wolves with The Searchers The Native American culture is something that is cherished by their people. “Perhaps no other group of people has quite the rich and storied culture as those of the Native Americans. They have a history rich in struggle, strife, and triumph (Native American Culture).” Dances with Wolves, directed by Kevin Costner in 1990, is about a white man who becomes interested in the Native American culture

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1805 words - 7 pages point of view. Works Cited Costner, Kevin, dir. Dances with Wolves. Perf. Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, and Rodney A. Grant. 1990. Videocassette. Orion, 1991. Ebert, Robert. "Dances With Wolves." Rev. of Dances With Wolves, dir. Kevin Costner. The Chicago Sun-Times 9 Nov. 1990. Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Home Page. 31 Mar. 2000. Standing Rock Sioux Nation. 12 Oct. 2001.

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695 words - 3 pages the tribe members attack the white men, rescue Dunbar and kill all the white men. They then return to the tribe and after a short period of time Dunbar decides to leave the tribe taking his wife with him, even though he has become very close to all members of the tribe. In the end they all say their goodbyes and exchange meaningful gifts to one other. Dances With Wolves was a great movie, the first time I watched it was

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1220 words - 5 pages Undoing Stereotypes in the Movie, Dances With Wolves Hollywood has helped create and perpetuate many different stereotypical images of the different races in the world. Those stereotypes still continue to affect the way we think about each other today and many of those stereotypes have been proven to be historically inaccurate. The movie Dances With Wolves, directed by actor Kevin Costner, does an excellent job in attempting to promote a

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563 words - 2 pages portrayed as brave and heroic. Western films aren't the only perpetrators. The classic, Tom Sawyer, depicts the Native-American as a violent drunk. Even the Disney movie, Pocahontas, fails to show an accurate anecdote. The media has created a false image of the relationship between Native Americans and White man to suppress the cruel and unfortunate reality. The film, "Dancing with Wolves," presents a truly realistic representation."Dances with Wolves

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1792 words - 7 pages Dances With Wolves by Michael Blake is a novel that covers the topics of cross-culture, equality and respect. It also shows me the history of modern America. Reading this novel is a great adventure to me. Through years of getting ready, Michael Blake spent nine months on writing the book and got it done in 1981. The story happens in 1863, when US civil war was in ongoing. Knowing the potential amputation of his wounded leg, Union Army Officer