Close Encounters About "A Blow, A Kiss" By Tim Winton Essay

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Tim Winton’s, A Blow, a kiss, is an enthralling short story about a young boy and his grasp on the reality that is a second-hand experience with a victim involved in a motorcycle accident and his abusive father. This story evokes how deeply confronting close encounters can lead to a strengthened understanding of the sobering and tender aspects of human existence. This can be noted through how an individual approaches and faces close encounters that may be doleful and have a lack of comfort to their worth which can inflict a strain of suffering. Incorporated in this text is the author’s ability to also bring to light the idea that close encounters can reinforce and emphasize the relationships between people and how they can remain strong and positive through difficulties.

Close encounters can approach an individual by the forces of darkness and despair in life that may be doleful and have a lack of comfort to their worth which can inflict a strain of suffering. Winton’s use of graphic imagery within the text allows the reader to view the extent of what damage was caused at the scene of the accident, as well as during more emotional scenes between two people, such as the victim and his father. An example of graphic imagery was the moment the man went to help the victim of the accident, in which Albie and his father come to terms of the man’s injuries. ‘He held up the man’s hands. They were the colour of bleeding pork.’ This bit in the text clearly shows the horror of experiencing something as intense as an accident, seeing someone bleeding to that extent is quite scarring and extremely graphic to the mind.
Graphic imagery was also quite evident in the scene where the victim’s father comes into contact with his injured son; ‘“And what’ve yer got to say for yerself? They bring yer back to me!” The sound of the rider’s head being dropped on to the metal tray vibrated through the whole truck..’ This small passage alone is effective in the sense with how it shows the violent nature that his father has and how being injured caused the man to still physically abuse his own son. Being human and being able to feel emotion and pain is very still and evident within this passage, as you are able to see the man going forward with his...

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