Close Reading Paper Of Winter's Tale And Hamlet And The Involvement Of Love After Death In The Text. University Of Illinois/ English 218 Essay

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Jordan Roberts
English 218
Close Reading Paper #2
November 12, 2017
Love after Death
A recurring theme of loving your partner after their death has been common in our readings throughout the plays we have been analyzing in class. In The Winter’s Tale and Hamlet I saw a lot of men mistreating their women or not really showing them love until their death. In the case of the male this occurred for them to get their way. In the case of the females in these situations they didn't really get as much of a sense of love from their significant other until after they were dead and gone or in one instance a statue. This tendency by the males of not really realizing what they had till it was gone ended up hurting them more in the long run because they were at lost without their significant other.
In The Winter’s Tale Leontes accused his wife Hermione of one of the worst crimes of this time, adultery. Leontes was so convinced that his wife was cheating with his best friend Polixenes. After seeing Polixenes holding the hand of Hermione in a friendly gesture, Leontes goes berserk. The more Hermione explained and tried to get him to understand the situation the more he didn't believe her. The oracle even came to the side of Hermione and Leontes even accused the oracle of being wrong as well. Leontes then sends his wife to trial for adultery where she then “dies” of a broken heart. He also has his newborn son abandoned in the woods. Paulina then comes to Leontes to tell him he had it all wrong. She explains to him that Hermione was only trying to please him by getting Polixenes to stay because that what Leontes expressed that he wanted. SO once Leontes realized his wrong doings and realized that he put his wife to death for trying to please him, he was mortified. After hearing what he has done Leontes said “Once a day I'll visit the chapel where they lie, and tears shed there shall be my reaction; so long as nature will bear up this exercise, so long I daily vow to use it." (3.2 1840-1844). This quote shows Leontes simply taking up for his actions and understanding that he is the sole reason for the breakup of his family that was once strong.
In Hamlet, you would have never known that the Prince loved Ophelia. His love for her was completely unclear until the end where she died. This was all unclear because Prince Hamlet never really treated Ophelia as a wife or Princess. She was more used to make sure the prince got his way in different situations. Prince Hamlet kind of used Ophelia to better his position in different scenarios. Ophelia is like a walking doormat. She lets everyone walk all over her and tells her what to do and she just listens. Her father tells her to stop seeing Hamlet, she listens. Polonius later has her spy on Hamlet for King Claudius, she listens. Hamlet actually knows that Ophelia has been spying on him and he deems her like all women “breeder of sinners”. Being tossed back and forth and being used by her father, brother, and hamlet causes...

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