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Close To Home Essay

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Close to Home There are to many daycares out there and can you really tell if these daycares are the ones you want to send your kid to? Well there are many ways one can go about finding a good daycare. You might want to rely on what an expert has to say but can they really tell you everything? You might be staring a murderer in the face while interviewing the so-called "babysitter" but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference of whether or not she or he is the person you want. You might think that if you are sending your kid to a licensed daycare your child is as safe as can be but this is not always the case. There is always the exception that these daycares are better then unlicensed daycares. According to the Canadian Council On Social Development "1.5 million kids are sent to daycare under the age of 12". It is time to shed some light on what is really going on and what you should look for and not look for in a daycare centre. There is thought that licensed daycares are better then most unlicensed daycares, this might be generally true but it does not always hold up.Daycares are more affordable then nannies and most other types of care giving so of course this will be the first place parent's look to send their kids. This is not the time to skip out on the money. The ideal place (must of the times) is to send your child to a daycare that costs more. This is because the more it cost the more, the employees are paid, the happier they are and in return better care giving. You will be glad that you sent your child to a more expensive daycare then trying to save money. Daycares are better if not for one reason, this is that you can count on them no matter what. The more expensive they are means that there is probably more staff to pay meaning more people to care for your child.Now that you have good reason to send your child to a daycare you have to choose whether or not to choose a licensed or unlicensed daycare. With a licensed daycare there is a full staff this means that if one staff member calls in sick there will be someone to replace them. In most unlicensed daycares there is only one person to rely on. A daycare mom agrees with this, Yvonne Matlosz, saying, "We chose a daycare centre so we didn't have to work around someone else's sick days and vacation. Quality daycares try to keep the teacher-child ratio as low as possible. According to Stephanie Glowacki, director of accreditation programs, "It's easier to give one-on-one attention and be responsive when there are fewer kids on the room. So having a big staff at your daycare must be a high priority on your lists of qualifications.You wouldn't want your child going to a home that is filthy because he might get sick. Licensed daycares have to go through many qualifications and past health inspections by the government. The...

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