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Taking A Closer Look At Shakespeare's Work

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Shakespeare’s work helped develop a deeper understanding of the English language and usage of writing techniques throughout his writings while entertaining his audiences. The Elizabethan Era was the start towards a successful education system, which mainly consisted of strong religious views. Children who were fortunate enough would have the opportunity to start their formal education at a petty school. Petty schools were primary schools in Shakespeare’s England in which pupils would start at five years of age and complete their knowledge on how to read and write. Those who weren’t fortunate enough would obtain their information through private teaching, family member, or from a neighbor, who might be paid in order to provide the information. “This is the beginning towards education and a successful future,” said Jeffrey Forgeng. All schools should make it mandatory to study Shakespeare’s work and life. All of these factors will result in better writing and better understanding of the English language (1).
The first objective was to learn the alphabet from a hornbook which was printed test on a wooden tablet that was covered with a thin layer of translucent horn to protect the paper. The hornbook was invented in 1450 and it helped to develop a deeper understanding of the English language. It the same alphabet that we use today and without it there would be no form of education today (Forgeng 1). Schools today are nowhere to be compared to schools in Elizabethan Era. Forgeng stated:
All students at the school sat in one room, without desks: they were grouped on benches, called forms, according to their level of schooling. The typical grammar school was headed by a master, usually a university graduate. The master might have one or more assistant teachers, called ushers, to assist him. The school often had a mix of paying students and poorer boys funded by scholarship. (Forgeng 57)
It is important to acquire information about Shakespeare because this will improve your reading and writing skills. The alphabet was the first step to start a successful education system. Today the first thing that is taught to a beginner is the alphabet because without it you wouldn’t know how to do anything. Different combination of letters form words which probably most people didn’t know about and that’s why it is important for everyone should know the history behind the alphabet (Salisbury 2).
Shakespeare usage of writing techniques made his plays stand out from the rest of the other writers. Unlike some other writer, Shakespeare uses a metrical pattern in his writing which consists of lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter. Many of his plays were composed using blank verse although some of his writing was also composed of other forms of poetry. Shakespeare’s writing style and metre choice were typical of the day, and other types of writings during the time influenced how to structure his compositions. Soliloquy and monologue was a common device that Shakespeare...

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