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Closing Summary Essay

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Ms. Julia Hubbard and I, Adreonna Franklin, LSW met together today for our 12th and final session. Julia and I met three months ago. At that time, we agreed on the following issues for work: (1) Depression about her recent HIV diagnosis (2) Fear of telling her friends about her diagnosis (3) Depression and anger about her recent breakup (4) Anger about her diagnosis (5) Lack of sleep (6) The feeling of letting everyone down though her diagnosis is not her fault (7) Stress and anxiety on coping with HIV and medications (8) The guilt and shame about her diagnosis. Based on these issues, we established several related goals and developed a 6-week plan by which to approach our work together.

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Julia said the most helpful aspect of our work together was when I told her “You are entitled to feel however you want to feel when it comes to your diagnosis because there is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel”.

Julia said that this helped her because before our sessions began she thought she was supposed to feel a certain way about her diagnosis but now she knows her feelings are her own and she can feel whatever she wants.

Julia indicated that she is still working on her issues related to her feelings of guilt and anger when it comes to her diagnosis. Julia understands that all her negative emotions and feelings are not going to be erased after three months of working together. Julia indicated that she will continue to go her support group meetings weekly and continue to rely on them for support as she would with her family and friends. Julia is also considering getting certified in becoming an HIV advocate and educator since so many people are misinformed and unaware of how HIV can be transmitted and how it’s not the same thing as AIDS.

Based on the available evidence, Julia is a different person than what I seen when she first came into my office. When she first arrived she was crying a...

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