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Research Plan
This action research plan is a quantitative study. An Integrated Learning System, Study Island, will be used to identify the math deficiencies of incoming 6th grade math students. Teachers will conduct a 4 to 6 week intervention using various strategies including co-teaching to address the deficiencies. A Study Island post test will be used to determine the effectiveness of the interventions. Study Island will also be used through the school year to practice for Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests. Scores for the class from the 5th and 6th grade OCCT will be compared to determine the effectiveness of interventions and Study Island Practice on student achievement.
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All students entering 6th grade who scored below proficient level on the 5th grade OCCT will be asked to participate by letter to their parents.
Informed consent.
Approval from the Northeastern State University Institutional Review Board will be attained before research begins. Approval to conduct the study will be attained from the building principal. Consent forms will be sent to parents/guardians and will be signed and returned before research begins.
The schools policies, in compliance with regulations, require students who scored unsatisfactory on the math OCCT to be enrolled in a remedial math class. Students who scored limited knowledge will also be enrolled in the same classes. The students who participate in the study will be assigned a number to track their pre- and post-test results. Only the researcher will have access to the numbers assigned to students.
Study Island, an Integrated Learning System (ILS), will be used as a pre-assessment to identify students’ math deficiencies. Throughout the school year, Study Island will be used for skills practice and monitoring of students’ progress in learning the missing skills.
Reports from the Oklahoma Common Core Tests will be used to compare the number of students scoring proficient or advanced before and after intervention.
Description of Instruments.
Study Island is a web-based standards mastery program that is customized to specific state standards. It uses interactive and flexible instruction to provide practice and immediate remediation if needed (Watts, Study Island Scientific Research Base, 2008). As a student is working in Study Island, the program recognizes if they do not have needed previous knowledge to complete the current standard. It then uses building blocks, problems from previous standards, to bring the student back up to level. For 6th graders, Study Island can use building blocks from any grade between 2nd and 5th. For students who master the current standards, Study Island will advance them to the next level of practice. Various reports are available in real time for teachers to use in tailoring instruction, including individual student reports showing skills that need priority attention.
Study Island requires a student to score 70% or above on a set of 10 or more questions on any standard subset to acquire mastery level. A sample question for the 6th grade:
What expression is equal to the following? 7×7×7×7
A. 7^3 B. 7^4 C. 7^5 D. 7^6

If that question and others like it are missed a building block question might be:

The above model shows a nine by nine array of blocks. Based on the model above, what is 9 squared (92)?
A. 18 B. 81 C. 64 D. 100

Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests are given to students in grades 3 through 8 in various subject areas. They are developed for the majority of students, aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards, which are CCSS, and administered with or without...

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