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Clothing Factories: Hennes Women´S Clothing In Sweden

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Sixty seven years ago one of the most successful clothing stores opened up just for women's clothing in Sweden. Eleven years later the original “Hennes” changed its names to Hennes & Mauritz. “Hennes” means “for her” in Swedish. The store began to sell men and women's clothing after Erling Persson and Mauritz Widforss met and became business partners. Originally Mauritz Widforss owned a store that was mainly focused on selling things for fisherman. Erling Persson decided to buy Widforss’ store and together they created H&M. Americans should support this company because it allows them to shop for good quality clothing for reasonable prices.

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H&M provides all clothing from shoes to bathing suits and even accessories. H&M is a convenient store for people that need business attire. Usually many people have to spend enormous amounts of money to look presentable to work, however; H&M provides quality blazers, ties, and more business attire for a reasonable amount of money. For example, according to the online website one can buy a well fitted outfit for work for less than sixty dollars. H&M also carries a childrens clothing line. H&M is also convenient for families. Families can leave an H&M store knowing that they saved money on clothing for their whole family. Compared to other big department stores that sell business attire for a significantly higher price it is beyond affordable to shop at H&M. Not only does H&M sell clothing but it also sells products for ones home.

H&M has a technique that allows them to attract consumers. H&M collaborates with different famous designers. For example H&M has collaborated with Sonia Rykiel, Matthew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld. Margiela and Isabel Marant are the most popular designers that H&M has collaborated with. These designers are known to be very expensive and most of the country can’t afford to be spending thousands of dollars for a simple pair of pants. H&M allows middle class people to buy clothing designed by these designers for a significantly lower amount of money.

H&M’s CEO says “Bangladesh is an important buying market but it is also one of the poorest nations,” H&M understands that it is crucial to put business aside to help another nation in need. Bangladesh is known for having many textile factories that provide clothing for many companies globally. In 2013 there was a major factory collapse in Savar that killed over 1,000 people and injured more than 2,000. The amount of deaths was due to the lack of safety precautions. The collapse made people come to the realization of maltreatment of workers in factories. H&M is a big buyer of factories in Bangladesh and other Asian countries. After this incident H&M felt the need to get involved and change the lives of factory workers from different countries. H&M is trying their best to prevent any factory incidents to occur again.

H&M has developed a “Bangladesh Development Plan.” This development plan is made to be permanent to change the working conditions of factory workers in Bangladesh. H&M is aware that Bangladesh is a very poor country that is in need of financial...

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