Cloud And Its Effect On Education

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With the change within the education system, many schools are looking for new ways to teach students the same curriculum that was taught when the instructors were in school yet with a new twist. The ways of using textbooks and slide-shows are a thing of the past. “By bringing technology into the classroom, teachers can hone in on methodology that students are familiar with, leading to more effective teaching strategies and better results.” (Chen, 2013) The new twist would not only enable students to access fellow students for study groups. They could also get help from the instructors from home with designated office hours outside of school. Local cyber schools are starting to embrace the cloud computing for teaching students who choose to be home schooled. The cloud should be able to give the students a sense of being in a class from home a sense of being focused, while being independent.

With cloud computing being accessed from the internet, sensitive information about any student should be forbidden. The cloud is encrypted but does have risks of security, privacy, interoperability, or performance when selecting a public cloud. The steps to keep students privacy has been seen as a steady rising problem. A private cloud would be more ideal for deployment that can be scaled to determine what information is shared among the student body, teachers and administrative employees of that school district. With the scalability of a private cloud the cost of its use can be kept manageable. The rules of use with the cloud should be outline in a student handbook that is given to each student and parent at the beginning of each semester.

The cloud computing security is not monitored by the school or the school district but by an outside source. This outside service provider that maintains the data will need to be advised of the serviced they wish to provide to students. “Schools that compel students to use commercial cloud services for email and documents are putting privacy at risk, says a campaign group calling for strict controls on the use of such services in education.” (Essers, 2003) The service provider can provide a Service Level Agreement that will include a vigorous security, and protects confidential student information.

One of the benefit of cloud computing for the student is that they are able to access any homework assignment that are due should they have to be absent for any short or long period of time. Students are able to access class notes for studying. As long as the student has internet access from any computing device any homework assignment can be access through the cloud. Homework assignments could also be turned in via the cloud. Students should be able to access a syllabus that informs them of upcoming activities from sports and classroom assignments.

Which one of the different clouds will be a good fit for your school? In this section let us explore the different service classes that the cloud can...

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