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Figure 34: Start-up Page
The above page is the home page for cloud community. It consists of a carousel and links to general search, Login Screen and Registration page for new users.

Figure 35: Home page to upload or search
The page is for general search where users can search without login. Results are displayed based on the level of expertise requested by the user.

Figure 36: Login Screen
The above page is the login screen where the users and administrator needs to enter the login credentials.

Figure 37: Registration page for new user
The above page is the registration ...view middle of the document...

Figure 45: Admin Editing/Deleting user’s details
Administrator can edit the details of the users or delete the user from the cloud using the above page.

Figure 46: Admin entering Keywords to edit document level of expertise
Admin needs to enter the keywords of the document that needs to be edited in the above page. Once keyword is entered the documents related to the keywords would be displayed.

Figure 47: Admin Editing Document level of expertise
Admin needs to select the document for the level needs to be updated and the level to which the document should be updated. On clicking the edit button the level of expertise of document would be changed.
Figure 48: Admin entering Keywords to delete documents
Admin needs to enter the keywords of the document that needs to be deleted from the cloud storage. Once keyword is entered the documents related to the keywords would be displayed.

Figure 49: Admin deleting documents
Admin needs to select all the document that needs to be deleted. On clicking the delete button the level of expertise of document would be deleted.

Figure 50: Admin entering new category
Admin can add new category for the documents that are stored in the cloud using the above form.

CHAPTER 6: Budget Analysis

The project was developed and hosted in the Cloud services offered by the Amazon. From all the services offered in Amazon Web Services the AWS EC2 and S3 storage area were used extensively. The following are the approximate set up costs.
Small Standard Extra Large
Bits 32 64 64
RAM 1.7GB 7.5GB 15GB
DISK 160GB 850GB 1690GB
EC2 compute units 1 4 8
I/O performance Medium High High
Name M1.small M1.large M1.xlarge
Linux per hour $0.06 $0.24 $.48
Windows per hour $0.091 $0.364 $.728

Table 2: set up costs of EC2
The Following table give the approximate set up cost of the ec2 instance. If a single ec2 is needed the M1.small would be sufficient. The Cloud Community project used the M1.small instance to launch the Solr and other required software’s on the cloud.
In the future if the Cloud Community is redesigned to have replica of the documents indexed, the other type of instances can be used based on the need. For example M1.Large has 4 instances so we can store the index of the documents in the four different instances. Whenever the instance is stopped when not in use, AWS would not charge for the EC2 (Pay as use Service).
Again in S3 the amazon web service storage area it is pay only for what we use service. Upon signup to AWS the user receives 5GB of free storage 20,000 Get Requests, 2,000 Put Requests, and 15GB of data transfer out each month for one...

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