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Cloud Computing And It Professionals Essay

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Cloud computing is a very attractive topic for IT professionals to talk about because it provides very lucrative features. Cloud paradigm provides rapid on-demand provisioning of resources like CPU, storage, bandwidth etc. to users, with a little bit of management efforts. Recent cloud platforms, as exemplified by Amazon EC2 and S3, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Rackspace , etc., organize a shared pool of servers from multiple data centers, and serve their users using virtualization technologies. Some categories of application like computation intensive applications can be executed in the cloud very efficiently because of the elastic and on-demand resource providing nature of the ...view middle of the document...

For migrating in clouds two important issues which must be considered are:
1)How this massive scale data can be transferred into the cloud. How does one move the massive amounts of data into a cloud.
2)How to reduce the cost of this massive transfer.
There are many approaches used for minimizing the cost of Bulk data transfer in clouds. One approach to reduce the cost of bulk data transfer is to ship data stored on physical media (e.g., hard disks) via postal services [1, 2], thus delivering very large volumes of data (e.g. terabytes) at high throughput with low per byte cost. However, this is not a good solution for small to large transfers (e.g mega and gigabytes), or when data has to be delivered within a small amount of time (e.g few hours or a day). Another approach is a cost aware planning system for data transfer to the cloud provider, via both the Internet and courier services(e.g Pandora[3]). Another approach is Cost Transitive Tournament Shortest Path (CTT-SP)-based algorithm[4] which was aimed to trade off...

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