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Cloud C Omputing As An Advanced Technology

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Cloud computing as an advanced technology, its uses is rising rapidly and it is being paid a more developing consideration in the systematic, commerce and business field. It is based on the Internet, on which resources that can be shared as like storage, software and information are provided with computers and devices on the requirement. This emerging technology has ability to access a general collection of resources on demand. In place of buying separate physical devices as servers, storage, or any networking apparatus, customers give out these resources from a cloud provider as an outsourced service.
Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient and on demand network access to a ...view middle of the document...

In PaaS the cloud provides software platform for systems like being the Google App Engine. In IaaS a set of virtualized computing resources, as storage and computing ability, are hosted in the cloud. Cloud computing separated into three layers: the infrastructure layer, platform services layer, application layer software.
The security problems and challenges of these layers are different. Data center construction, physical security, network security, transport security and system security are the key point for IaaS. However, for PaaS, data security, data availability, computing availability and the problems of disaster and recovery are paid more common. But mostly these issues fall into two broad categories: Security issues faced by cloud providers (organizations providing software-, platform-, or infrastructure via the cloud) and security issues faced by their customers [4]. Data security is encrypting the data as to ensure that suitable policies are imposed for data sharing. Additionally, resource allocation and memory management algorithms have to be protected. Sometime, the supplier should...

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