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Cloud Computing: Communication And Collaboration Essay

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Cloud computing is rapidly increasing at a remarkable rate among businesses including small and midsize businesses (SMBs). SMBs have found certain attributes of cloud computing rather beneficial which include communication and collaboration along with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). It is reported that communication and collaboration are two important attributes for SMBs and these can be easily carried out with cloud computing. Cloud computing provides an avenue for easy and effective methods of collaboration among employees, partners, clients and any other stakeholders of the business in order to ensure efficiency and keep the business running smoothly. There is an expectancy of growth ...view middle of the document...

The IT staff are freed up which allows them to use their time to better integrate communication technologies so as to facilitate improved operations within the business process.
5. Organizations today are geographically dispersed and more mobile. The use of cloud services complements this feature very well and makes it easier for to provide users
6. UCC cloud solutions are very easy to use and one of the major benefits it offers the company is the ability to offer users access to various services through easy to use interfaces.
7. UCC also provides improved security. With the use of cloud services very confidential information as well as information that is governed by regulatory mandates through files, messages are often shared using UCC. Hence, security is of utmost importance and as such a thorough examination has to be done regarding how the provider ensures that an organization’s information is secure as well as the security expertise of the provider (CDW, 2012).
Companies such as CDW and Cisco offers cloud collaboration features. CDW states that their product provides an efficient way to use the features and the power of the cloud in order to convey applications which enables collaboration among the staff. This enables collaboration to take place anywhere, anytime using any device, (Dignan). On the other hand Cisco states that there is a need...

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