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Cloud Computing In Libraries Essay

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The emergence of Information technology plays a very vital role in Library services. The libraries are adopting the new technologies to present information in such a way that the users can access it easily. Cloud Computing is the latest technology which has changed not only the way organizations conduct business but the service they provide to customers. Libraries have also started using cloud computing to provide services.
Cloud Computing
A definition for cloud computing can be given as an emerging computer paradigm where data and services reside in massively scalable data centers in the cloud and can be accessed from any connected devices over the internet. In other word, it is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data rather than a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing is a way of providing various services on virtual machines allocated on top of a large physical machine pool which resides in the cloud.
The basis of cloud computing is to create a set of virtual servers on the available vast resource pool and give it to the clients. Any web enabled device can be used to access the resources through the virtual servers. Based on the computing needs of the client, the infrastructure allotted to the client can be scaled up or down. From a business point of view, cloud computing is a method to address the Scalability and availability concerns for large scale applications which involves lesser Overhead. Since the resource allocated to the client can be varied based on the needs of the client and can be done without any fuss, the overhead is very low.
In cloud computing, your data file, or photo or music is saved on a server somewhere other than your computer. However you can access your files, images and music from any computer, anywhere in the world. You can also share your files easily by providing links/URLS. You can use any kind of device like computer, tablet or Smartphone to access the same information. You can increase or decrease services depending on your need.
Advantages of Cloud Computing
1. Since the vendor owns and manages all the hardware and software requirements, the end user need not spend on the infrastructure. The user only need to pay for the resources they actually use, thus reduce the cost on infrastructure requirements.
2. The users can access the cloud from anywhere anytime.
3. The user can increase or decrease services depending on their need.
4. The storage capacity of the cloud is much more than a server and thus it is possible to increase the storage capacity as per the need.
5. Since the software is updated automatically by the service provider, the user need not worry about updating the software. They get access to the latest version without updating anything on their end.
Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
1. The foremost concerns about cloud computing are the security and privacy of your data which is in another company’s hand. ...

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