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Cloud Computing In Small Organization Essay

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The IT world is still moving forward. Innovations are not only in new modern hardware, but also in software and of course in improving services and processes that are ensured by IT area. This work deals with the question of future IT development in SolveIT primarily with Cloud Computing. It describes the current company situation and possible solutions. It shows positives and negatives of Cloud Computing and its impact on SolveIT. Work also contains brief description of how effects cloud computing environment and how can be beneficial for business.
About SolveIT
The company is called SolveIT. It is small, fast growing consultant company. Main business is advising about business processes in order to meet customer’s business objectives and overcome problems. Primarily specialization is to find suitable solution that is right for customer needs and helping with its implementation. In portfolio of services is also design and redesign processes. Future plan is implementing new approaches to optimize business processes.
SolveIT was established in 2011 by college absolvent in Prague. At the end of 2013 SolveIT employed 10 consultants and now is still growing. Our targets are small and mid size business.
Business Objectives
Business objectives and aims of SolveIT are focused on small healthy growth of a company. Characteristic of health growth is slow hiring new employees according to company’s contracts. Main business target must be the business itself. Company is now concentrating on local customers and become known and respectable. Our employee base should remain stable for next few years. Despite of relatively stable employee base, SolveIT has found potential in offering stages for higher education students.
To be more successful then competition SolveIT has to offer more. Competition is bigger so SolveIT’s intention and goal are satisfied customers and quality of services. In this specific area our target is 95% satisfied customers. Customers have to have feeling that they chose the best company to satisfy their wishes. In order to accomplish that, our company, hand to hand with precise services, is focused on building environmental friendly business. Basic aim is to reduce waste and use renewable resources. Printing basic information on paper in order to backup is not a way to lower a waste.
Roots of satisfied customers are happy and productive employees. Positive moral in the workplace is accomplished by friendly atmosphere and a lot of free time. Planned is offering own computers and employee can decide where or when they want to work. Basic assumption to provide these benefits is online workspace. SolveIT wants to use modern technologies and be in a front of its competition in the future.

Current IT solution
With company’s growth we are facing problem with future of information technologies in our company. With new employees and more customers we are forced to create new IT strategy. Same as business strategy, IT strategy...

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