Cloud Computing Is Not Exactly A Safe Haven

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Technology is growing at a “break-neck” pace. In 1965, Intel Corporation Co-founder Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits have doubled annually since their inception. The speed of software and application innovations mirrors the speed of the hardware advances observed by Gordon Moore. A recent technological trend that has emerged out of this swift moving industry is the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing is allows files and documents to be uploaded onto an online database that is controlled and monitored by a third-party company, while allowing remote access to the uploader of said files. The avid marketing of such technology done by programmers and other people who have a vested interest in the product can cause disruptive hastiness amongst general end-users. The infatuation and cognitive psychological bias generated towards companies who streamline new technological advances can cause general users of cloud computing to overlook security and safety issues such as privacy, service denial, conflicts of ownership and server failure.
New-wave technology is often met with hordes of people looking to gain access for their personal use. This statement is supported by the long lines of people waiting for the new cell phone, video game or other electronic device stated to launch on a specific release date. The companies who are releasing these hyped up products know that a few key moves made in the marketing of the product will lead to massive crowd following and deep profits.
A technological advance is a major breakthrough that has the ability to move the public into thinking that this piece of technology should be integrated into our everyday lives. The effects of technological advances can be described by Mr. Pratik Rajendra Butte Patil in his paper, “Technological Advancements and its Impact on Humanity”, by stating, “Technological development has provided human history with a kind of directionality.” Technological advances do offer solutions to problems that the human race faces and should be celebrated as such. Understanding the joys of new technological breakthroughs can be easy to comprehend, while we tend to forget that there can be other underlying issues with the new technology in the moment of joyous celebration.
The underlying issues with cloud computing technology have been scrutinized by a handful of people in the technology sector. Cloud computing risks that are prevalent in the industry are data privacy, availability, and service provisioning. (Mosher 34) These security risks leave consumers vulnerable to physical, emotional, and financial distress. Information System Security Association consultant Richard Mosher offers a proposal to strengthen security in cloud computing, “Mitigating the risks, now more than ever before, requires a mature vendor management program in which cloud service providers are tasked contractually with guaranteeing the information security...

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