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Cloud Computing Slutions For Electrical Measuring Systems

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Energy and operational efficiency are most important concerns in any environments. Especially industrial customers need to measure their energy consumption to reduce their operating costs and enhance energy conservation in electrical infrastructure.
Energy management is a continual improvement process involving visualizing real-time data accuracy, measurement, analysis and implementation of event monitoring programs.
Industrial facilities are using to demonstrate the importance of managing the energy consumption. To addressing this issue, an energy monitoring and management devices are developed.
Monitoring devices are one of the important equipment that are using to measure the actual operating parameters of energy values and network characteristics to determine if energy efficiency can be improved and generate important information which analyzes the process of electrical energy ...view middle of the document...

we’ll consider Digital Measuring Device as a name of: (Measuring Device), this devices monitor industrial sensor and relays characteristic and save generated data on local storage or sending it using various network infrastructures to the processing unit or controlling stations.
Cloud Computing solutions for electrical measuring systems
In case of providing generated data for remote processing systems, most of measuring devices are still deploying modem access and serial bus technology to communicate with their monitoring platforms.
Traditionally, measuring devices read sensor and auxiliary relays data from industrial utilities and send via remote terminal unit (RTU) [1] in communication network to the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) [2] systems in the local utility using PROFIBUS [3], PROFINET [4], Modbus [5] and TCP-IP and exchanged regionally with other utilities and reliability coordinator stations. Whereas the data are not time-stamped at the moment of measurement or acquired synchronously, they do not capture the state of the system at a given point in time. Rather, the data should provide an acceptable estimate of the system state real-time. In other hand, RTU/SCADA systems located inside the electrical panel or substations and cannot scale and evolve to support next-generation intelligence and modern data communication methods for online analytic platforms such as cloud.
The cloud is becoming an increasingly essential part of operating in industry as well. It can bring new solutions to deployment in the measuring devices as part of a transmission and distribution automation infrastructure with adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology.
Cloud-based online analytics platform enables to conclude detailed actionable insights per device across multiple locations. Such insights are used not only to increase energy efficiency, but also help enterprises manage their facilities more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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