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Cloud Security Computing Essay

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• Situational Analysis
Cloud computing comprise of a disseminated infrastructure made of several interconnected machines whose assets are placed together in a virtual machine (VM) that upholds and controls itself (Marks, 2010). Different from other distributed systems, the architecture of cloud computing is detached from the physical system it depends on. This allows intense flexibility since resources can be removed or added according to real needs.
Even though cloud computing is not a critical breakthrough with respect to technology (most technologies used in this paradigm were already accessible); it has changed the usability of technology in most virtual environments (Pfleeger and Pfleeger, 2007). Another business model has surfaced whereby each resource or application is given as a service, accessible on-demand and payable on a per-usage basis on the Internet.
Another concept in cloud computing is virtualization; a major technology for implementing cloud computing settings (Velte, Velte, and Elsenpeter, 2010). The main objective of virtualization involves polling together various material resources into one virtualized setting through detailed virtualization software, such as Xen and Vmware. The other goal involves creating a sequence of logical or virtual machines using an active selection of resources. Additionally, virtualization allows effective use of obtainable resources. Certainly, this expertise has ensured that the computing reserves allocated to virtual machines are indirectly associated with the fundamental physical infrastructure, although they are instead allocated according to the real requirements of that moment (Subashini and Kavitha, 2011).
Virtualization is an insufficient characteristic of cloud computing; It is also a self-provisioning and automated feature of cloud computing, which differentiates itself from previous technologies in virtualized settings (Marks, 2010). Alternatively, human involvement is not needed in cloud computing since resources can control and re-arrange themselves in accordance to relative and sequential contingencies. Despite the advancement brought forward by technology, cloud computing varied categories namely, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are faced with major services that can negatively affect the privacy and integrity of important data (Rittinghouse and Ransome, 2010).

• Statement of the Problem
Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is related to a new model that provides computing infrastructure, which then transfers computing amenities of an on-premise datacenters to distant systems placed on the internet. Cloud computing symbolizes a change away from computation as a commodity, to computation as an amenity that is delivered to clients via the internet from major datacenters or ‘clouds.’ This distant service is a new computing approach that uses the Internet to offer virtualized and scalable resources.
According to...

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