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Cloudstreet Essay

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The protagonists within Tim Winton’s modern Australian classic, Cloudstreet, are susceptible to prolonging pain, however, they do not find satisfaction in this torment. The novel’s circular narrative focusses on the struggle of two broken families to accept their distress and return to love and reconciliation, despite the misery compounded by their flaws. No pleasure is found in this suffering the protagonists endure, they augment their period of sorrow because they indulge in negative emotions such as guilt and resentment that in turn condemn them to a state of misery. Other characters prefer to escape addressing their torment rather than accepting its presence in their lives, while others ...view middle of the document...

“Quick Lamb the Survivor” “stiffs up with guilt” and “sadness” after the accidental drowning of his brother, Fish. He builds the “gallery of the miserable” to act as a constant reminder of his sorrow, believing he deserves” the “miserables[’]” “scouring stares”, choosing to punish himself rather than forsee a way to . Consequently, a “vast seamless hopeless weight of sadness” settles inside Quick and he adopts a defeatist frame of mind, acknowledging the world’s inability to obtain “peace” and that “always somewhere there’s craters”, “rubble” and “lists” of the dead. This viewpoint is a manifestation of Quick’s lack of spirit and hope. He lingers in his despair because he cannot be at peace with his past and rid himself of guilt. This inability to resolve his torment eventually drives him away from Cloudstreet in an attempt to escape his daily pain. His unwillingness to be a victim to this

The characters of Cloudstreet determined to ignore their state of suffering , they prefer not to address their torment and hence, forestal its end. The revelation of her biological mother unhinged...

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