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Club Drugs Essay

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It’s 6 o’clock on a Saturday morning and while some teenagers are enjoying the extra hours of sleep, many are still bouncing around to the sounds of techno music. Thousands of teenagers and even some adults gather into clubs decorated with black lights, disco balls, and tons of smoke machines. Their hearts are pounding and their pulse is racing at the speed of light, all compliments of designer drugs known as club drugs (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Changing the molecular structure of an existing drug or drugs to create a new substance creates designer drugs (Kusinitz 151). The all night dance parties, known as raves, are about the wildest thing going from midnight till dawn, and often beyond. Just because these drugs may portray something that may sound like fun, the downfall of these drugs make you think twice before taking them at the club.
Raves are becoming more popular than ever and these designer drugs are becoming even easier to get a hold of (Kusinitz 46). When asked, over 50 percent of high school seniors said they knew they could get ecstasy “fairly easily” or “very easily” if needed (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Since untrained amateurs commonly create designer drugs in underground laboratories, the drugs can be dangerous (Mass 16). Among all designer drugs, MDMA, or Ecstasy is the most commonly used (Kusinitz 47). Others include Ketamine known commonly as Special K or “K”, and LSD also known as acid.
Ecstasy is used at the party and rave scene for its effects on the emotional state of the user. The drug lowers the user’s inhibitions, increases awareness and feelings of pleasure and joy while giving the user energy (Kusinitz 152). Other effects are usually confusion, disorientation, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, depersonalize user, perceptual disorders and hallucinations, and paranoia (Mass 16-17). The effects of this drug can last three to six hours. Most dangers come from people over heating and dehydrating because of the huge strain on your heart (NIDA). Long term effects of this drug can include loss of sleep, kidney failure, and strokes (Kusinitz 153). Ecstasy is a combination of other illicit drugs. Because many different recipes are used to make Ecstasy, the risk of death and permanent brain damage are heightened when some substances are combined (NIDA). The bottom line with this drug is you never know what is in the $5-$20 pill you just bought, so the safest bet would be to do without it.
The use of Ecstasy has led to more powerful drugs such as Ketamine, known on the streets as Special K, or K. Special K emerged as a recreational drug in the 1970’s and was known as Vitamin K in the underground club scene in the 1980’s (Kusinitz 44). It resurfaced in the 1990’s as Special K in the rave scene (45). Normally found in an injectable form, it is converted to powder and re-packaged into...

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